8 Beneficial Reasons to Promote YouTube Videos Online To Expand Your Global Presence
promote YouTube videos online

Over the years of digitizing content, systems, processes, and services, the importance and power of video have paved the way for the future. The past few years have been extraordinary and dynamically engaging especially for video marketers who opened the gates of this online revolution. Statistics say that more than 75% of businesses use video marketing as an important strategic move in their implementation of marketing procedures. The importance of video and promotion is expected to increase exponentially in the coming times. Amongst this frenzy, lies YouTube as the biggest and most extensively used platforms of video marketing and promotion. Not just businesses, anyone looking for audience engagement through the unparalleled dynamics of this video platform from musicians to independent content creators, fitness gurus to chefs, and authors can promote YouTube videos online and savor the sweet returns in an instant. Every promotional toolbox now consists of video marketing. However, a few fundamental questions regarding its effectiveness are often raised. The following reasons will not just clear the air but also profoundly define how businesses and independent content creators are investing every worth of their money on video marketing prospects.

Video Boosts Sales

Statistically, a product video of a brand or company on YouTube is known to increase conversions by up to 80%. An explanatory video about a product on YouTube instigates consumers to buy the product and again, statistical reports show that about 74% of all viewers going through a video end up buying, endorsing, or sharing it. Psychologically speaking, it is not even a matter of surprise that visual representation is far more exciting and captivating in comparison to other formats. A visual display helps the audience to understand the product or concept with more attention and sales go up automatically.

Good ROI

Many content creators and businesses have said that videos are the best way to garner a good return on investment. If video promotion means huge investment and a lot of effort, it is worth every penny. With technology and tools constantly pushing their innovative scopes, making and editing a video on your own is very easy. A video does not always need the best aesthetic creativity should reflect what the brand, company, or content creator is trying to sell. As long as the video clearly defines your goals, your promotional impetus with yield the maximum ROI.

Building Trust with the Audience

The foundation of conversions and sales is trust. Marketing relies on long-term associations and trust to a certain extent. This job is made easier by a video that aims at engaging audiences through an emotional selling point. Video also helps in growing trust with the customer. Customers are usually skeptical about online purchases but with a video that explains the perimeters of what they are offering will help form a sense of trust, belief, and reliability which in no time will turn into sales.

Videos and Google

Videos are a definite way to garner footfall on your official website. This is your primary objective where you increase the exposure of your website through video promotions. With an increasing number of visits, the search engines will also recognize your content in no time. In fact, a website containing a video has about a 53% chance of getting featured on Google search. In this regard, YouTube video optimization or SEO is indispensable. Go by the guidelines and be creative with titles and descriptions. Adding the link to the website is a must.

Mobile Phone Users Opt Videos over other Formats

With the rise in the number of mobile phone users across the world, videos and phones have become synonymous. YouTube reports over 100% consumption of videos only on mobile phones every year. Everyone likes to consume information on the go and if videos are the medium, the process becomes all the more engaging. Also, as per Google statistics, smartphone users are more likely to endorse a product and show interest in the brand as opposed to TV or desktop users.

Videos are Explanatory

A video is always more engaging than other formats like audio or text because visual representation psychologically attracts people. A music video, for example, will grow a bigger fan base with a video while for a business, a descriptive video about the product will enable audiences to check out their homepage. Once they do, the percentage of these audiences turning into customers also increases manifold. Videos can contain different creative ideas from interactive ones to animated formatting.

Guaranteed Engagement

While video can be an effective learning tool, it also helps people to engage more. Long ad comprehensive product descriptions have become obsolete and people now want smart and catchy ways of consuming information. Videos have proved to be an important impetus in the scope of video content marketing. Video promotions have the functional ability to captivate a large audience stream. In fact, people who are not keen on doing any research before an investment will find videos all the more engaging. Targeting the right audience stream is important and clubbed with a video, the results will be beyond your expectations.

Increase in Social Shares

Social media forms the backbone of marketing and promotions. Every social media has its features encouraging video content. Instagram is launching new features every day while Facebook is also not far behind with 360 videos, live, etc. Twitter also launched Periscope and the importance of video is highlighted everywhere. To make things more specific, YouTube is the second most popular and the number one video-sharing platform in the whole world. This automatically speaks the significance of video in the scope of marketing and promotional needs.


With creativity and marketing services by your side, you have to remember that the objective of the video is to instill and stir emotional connection. Facts and descriptions can be a part of the video but the audience will only consider endorsing your content or product if the video can generate emotions. Keep making videos and encourage social circulation. A right promotional push will open the gates to an array of opportunities.



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