8 Interesting Videos of Dance Forms to Help Burn Calories

In this era, “weight loss” is a concern for each and every one. The 21st century has witnessed people trying everything– from fitness programs to dieting to lose weight. However, none of them are as effective as dancing. In youtube, there are several videos promoting various dance forms that claims to reduce weight. Working professionals find it easier to workout with help of those youtube videos.

There are already many dance videos in various forms and styles promising individuals to easily lose weight. Dancers are coming forward with their own videos to help the mankind with their special weight-loss moves. The best thing is promoting in youtube makes it easier to reach a wide range of potential audiences in a very small time. However, with the web competition running high, it is difficult to make your dance video come across your target audience. Nevertheless, when you want to make it big and inspire people with your dance videos, you must opt for youtube video promotion services from Video Promotion Club.

Why shall you promote your dance videos worldwide?
It is a known fact that incorporating dancing in your life can reduce around ten pounds. All it requires is watching some effective and energetic dance moves in youtube and planning a proper dance routine. The dance videos will connect you with potential audiences and offer a bigger impact on viewers. You can include your story, show off you studio and staff and your hypnotizing but simple dance moves for everyone to follow suit.

Nowadays, with everyone being busy with their professional and personal lives, it becomes really tough to make time to head to the gym. So, dancing is the best alternative for them as it makes people enjoy themselves while losing lot of fat. It is one of the efficient and easy ways to stay fit and slim. When you upload your dance videos on youtube it is important to ensure that it showcases elaborate moves and also entertain and engages audiences.

Boost energy levels with dance video promotion:
Videos are a favourite amongst people worldwide. And with obesity, cholesterol and blood pressure on the rise – dance can be the cure!

Dance workouts are increasingly popular these days. There are many dance forms that helps to cut down the fat. It is an amazing form of exercise loved every bit by busy humans. Some dance forms are strenuous while others are fun, but all of them help the body stay in shape. So, if you ever wanted to become a dance and fitness instructor, then now is your time. With youtube video promotion services, you can promote your dance videos and boost your as well others energy levels. In this feat, Video Promotion Club strives to make you a youtube famous dance trainer by providing followers, subscribers, likes and comments to your dance video.

Popular dance forms in youtube to reduce weight faster:
This is one of the oldest forms of dance dating back to 1969. It is a combination of strength training and jazz dance to burn calories and tone muscles together. During the workout, it helps build muscles with the use of dumbbells and barbells. It also involves yoga movements and Pilates to lengthen the muscles and cardio boxing for an aerobic workout. It is known to burn 600 calories in an hour and must be done 2-3 times every week to effectively lose weight and get a toned physique.

Samba Dance:
It is a Brazilian dance form that is a vigorous workout to shed the fat around your waist and hips. It involves bending of the one knee at a time and a straight body. Samba dance form dates back to 17th century. This solo form is mainly rhythmical and requires very slight feet movements. Samba dance can be seen on Rio carnivals. It is quite popular on youtube as it is fun and let people burn 340 calories in an hour.

This dance form let you move freely without any particular dance steps or body movements. It is one of the easiest forms and can be practised by any/all age groups. It makes your body flexible while helping lose weight. This dance form can requires any kind of loud music with fast beats to boost energy levels and encourage non-stop dancing. One can dance alone and thump to fast music. Practising freestyle dance 30 minutes every day for as long as you want, offers amazing results.

This dance form incorporates hip hop, meringue, rumba and salsa moves to give you a cardio workout. Zumba is quite popular around the world and on youtube as people enjoy it. Mostly steps are simple and separately strengthen legs, abs and arms. It offers overall workout and quick results. For its convenience of style and output – it is one of the most preferred dance styles. Zumba workout must be religiously done 2-3 days every week to get fruitful results. Zumba classes are available easily on youtube.

Belly Dancing:
Also known as “Raks Sharki”, this is one of the most exotic dance forms that tones the back, abs and hips. It involves steady and controlled isometric movements that improves circulation and maintains flexibility. Shaking the lower body or the belly burns calories and helps to shape your buttocks. It also burns the abdominal and thigh.

The best part is, it improves posture, strengthen muscles and prevents back pain that often poses as an obstacle to exercising. It is less stressful to the feet bones and improves bone density. Belly dancing burns 300 calories in an hour and makes the body fit. Practising everyday can offer a beautiful shape to the body.

It is often viewed as a low impact and slow-moving dance form, the role it plays in shaping the body is unknown to many. This dance form was developed in France and Russia and requires precision, strength and demands a lot of flexibility. The slow posture and pace required in ballet dance is same as Pilates. The controlled and slow movements help to build a lean and long muscled body. Gym exercises incorporate ballet and it causes stretching providing a full-body workout. Concentrating on this dance form elevates the flexibility of body parts and helps burn fat. It must be practised at least for 30 minutes around 3-4 times every week.

Hip Hop Dance:
This is an urban street dance form that is quite popular in the nightclubs. The quick sequence of movements makes it an incredible dance form for exercising the whole body. It is high in energy that is easy for both the beginners and veterans. It is called Hip Hop because of the fact that it takes place in the waist and hips further helping to tone and firming the abs. PractisingHip Hop dance for an hour can burn up to 250 calories. It must be practised everyday to get quick results.

Yangko Dance:
This is a traditional folk dance form of the Han Chinese. It originated in China and it is has eventually gained popularity across the world. It involves swaying and dancing of the body to certain rhythms. The hip and waist are used to drive the feet in order to sync with music. It is a 1000 year old dance form and it can usually be seen during the Lantern Festival in China. The dance style is simple and practicing with proper music can tone the lower body part. Everyday dancing for 30 minutes will help to burn calories and get toned abs you’ve always wanted.

These are some of the popular youtube dance forms that are eventually gaining lot of popularity. So, if you strive to offer tutorials on any of these forms on youtube, you require proper promotional online services.

Dancing vs. other methods of weight loss:
Dancing effectively beats every other weight loss methods, like – weight loss pills and supplements, weight loss diets, gym workouts and even yoga. People have the attention span of a goldfish and dance is the only form that can engage them for a long term. So, anyone trying to lose weight from a long time without any proper results should opt for dance.

Weight loss is a concern, and starving yourself for the perfect body would result in weakness. Also, the weight loss supplements have negative impact on the mind and body. So, it is best to sweat it out with peppy and upbeats tunes. Teach or learn – both ways it is impactful and infuses positivity amongst humans!

There are several dance videos on youtube to help the enthusiasts. So, if you want to teach others the real and smart way to lose weight without any side-effects, then youtube video promotion service is a requisite! Without any wait, check out all the prospects offered by Video Promotion Club. Once you hire their services your videos get online exposure, target audiences and online engagement. They also provide real targeted views that is promoted on youtube and other related display networks to make your dance videos gain exposure across the World Wide Web.


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