9 Top-Most Effective Ways to Run a Successful YouTube Video Blog
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Video blogging is certainly one of the most effective ways of engaging the global audience. And, with YouTube being the second most visited platform on the web, one can earn the desired recognition through YouTube video blogs with little effort. Audiences love to consume video content and thus it is very important for you to promote your video blogging content. 

But, in order to do so, you need to consider some important factors, such as the kind of equipment that needs to be used for making the video or how you should act in front of the camera or the ways of promoting the video blog. 

You can always avail of services from online marketing agencies to promote YouTube videos but before that, you must take note of the below-mentioned things to make sure that the impact of the campaign is the most on the audience.

Purchase a good quality microphone

One of the most significant components of a video blog is its audio. The audience must be able to hear out clearly what you are saying in front of the camera. A good quality microphone will help you in recording a better video. 

On some occasions, the video quality of the blog might go down, and at that time, good quality audio would come into effect. Good quality of audio can be used as a voice over a presentation or a podcast. 

You must purchase a high-quality microphone if you are looking forward to taking this as a serious option. The quality of microphones might differ, depending upon the environment of recording, and thus you need to do some research over the internet.

Arrange proper lighting

In order to cast a long-lasting impact on the audience, you need to make sure that the video doesn’t look unprofessional. If you film most of your videos under the roof, then you must ensure that the lighting is perfect.

The three most important terms on lighting that you must take note of, are key light, back light, and fill light. The first one serves as the primary light, the middle one makes sure that everything looks natural, eliminating the shadows of the primary light, and the last one to set at the opposite of the primary light.

Investing in such lights and placing those in the right positions will surely make the video look professional.

Add interesting captions

Interesting captions help in increasing engagement rate, and according to a study, videos with captions tend to receive 40% more views as well as the chances of the videos getting watched increases by 80% if closed captions are made available.

You must have planned to share the video on Facebook, where the viewing time of a video increases by 12% when a caption is added. People turn on the audio depending upon their environments, and this is where the caption becomes much more important. When played on mute, the caption becomes the audio of the visual presentation. And, thus, you must ensure to put a caption to your video blogs.

Buy a high-quality camera

Apart from microphones and lights, you must also buy a decent camera to maintain the quality of the overall product. You don’t have to always go for the best or the most expensive one out there but need to keep in mind some factors before purchasing a camera.

Battery life is an important factor to consider here and the storage capacity is also worth taking note of. Also, make sure that the size of the camera is not that big and easy to hold as well as can be easily transported. 

Be interesting in the videos

In order to become a successful video blogger, your personality in front of the camera needs to be interesting and engaging. Bring in your sense of humor to good effect. This is your own blog and thus, you don’t need to follow any set of rules, just come out and be yourself.

But, on some parts, you need to be cautious and make sure that you of not saying something that leads to any controversy or damages the image of someone.

Try to mix it up with various topics as your audience won’t spend their time watching the same thing over and over.

Draw the attention of the audience

Before starting to shoot your video, you need to know about what the audience wants from you and your content. Some videos are entertaining, while others are informative, and some are both.

No matter what category you follow, stay true to it, and give the audience what they want. Draw their attention towards your video by uploading engaging content on a regular basis.

Learn some editing work

Before publishing your video, you must always edit it. But, don’t overdo it, as too much edit can take away the true essence of the content of the video. 

Learn to use some editing tools, to make the entire video more presentable and attractive. Learning the use of such tools is very necessary if you want the video to look professional and stand ahead of the curve.

Interact with the audience

Interacting with the audience is one of the most effective ways of engaging the audience. It can also be done by enticing them to comment and share your videos. You can ask the audience about their wants and what they expect from you.

You must always respond to the comments of the audience, which will make them feel that you value them and their opinions. This will showcase your professionalism, humbleness, and attract more viewers.

Always share your content

After uploading your video on YouTube, you must right way visit your social media accounts and share the link of the video overall such platforms as well as on your website.

This will certainly help in reaching more audiences on a global scale and draw more traffic to your videos. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have always acted as effective tools in such scenarios.



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