Figure Out Best Strategies to Amp up Traffic for the Best Viral YouTube Video Promotion
viral YouTube video promotion

This is the best time to figure out some of the best promotional tactics and promote YouTube videos and channels. But we are faced with the question that why it is done now. For those who are just starting, it is enough information for them is that Facebook which is the second site only that is most visited on the web has been overtaken by YouTube. In today’s time, six hours of video is consumed every day and things are quite clear that one needs to appeal to the binge-watching tendencies of the customers. 

But as things have proceeded, the video content boom has made way for the brands to flood in who are trying hard to master the marketing of YouTube channel at a single go. So, to stand out in the process and make it fruitful one must take the advantage of the various promotional tactics that are available. This will make the viral YouTube video promotion a successful venture and give the best results in the long-run. 

Let us just put some light on the various ways to promote the YouTube channel and achieve the best results in maximizing viewership. 

Engaging Titles

Presentation is the key to engaging content and the video performance depends on a must see title. One needs to grab the attention of the audience as a crafty title can lead to content that is quite entertaining. One must spend some time to dish out engaging titles. 

YouTube SEO

Out of all the Google search results, a major chunk of 70% shows up for YouTube videos. The videos are needed to be optimized with keywords and also tags and increase the chances to make it viral. Descriptions and titles are included so that it leads to a particular video. The keywords have to be mentioned in the video and this will spike up the engagement of the audience. This invariably increases the ranking of the video and specific categories along with tags that are used for better understanding. 

Audience Requirements

While creating a video, one must understand the needs of the audience. One must fathom the depth of the competitors and other video creators in the particular industry. The engagement and views of other videos will give a fair idea about the wants of the audience. YouTube analytics is another solution that provides information and statistics of the audience in terms of engagement, location, and demographics.

Engaging with a niche community

YouTube is a thriving community where user engagement depends on the content. Any kind of interaction on the platform sets a positive example by engaging those subscribers who are strongly connected to the audience. YouTube is similar to the social network in this respect.

Thumbnails customization

Custom thumbnails are created as one of the effective tactics for the promotion of the YouTube channel. It works as a pack of punch for grabbing the attention of the users. A thumbnail that is created makes the look of the video more appealing and gives a professional look. 

Cross Promotion

There are overlapping topics on YouTube and one can cross-promote the video and squeeze out more material from old content. The viewers can be encouraged by dropping links in the video description and appeals more like a call to action (CTA). 

Targeting SERP

SEO has to be kept in mind while promoting a YouTube channel. The best ranking is bestowed to the topics that are keyword specific, and generally, used in cases of product reviews. The trending buzzword in the industry needs to be capitalized for better promotion.

Running a contest

People are encouraged with a giveaway or a contest and engage them in numbers. The contest has to be kept simple and the policies on YouTube are needed to be followed. Special gifts are given away that are related to the brand. Several user-generated contents are incorporated to make it creative. 

Encouraging viewers

A particular video series is created to promote the YouTube channel and it covers a recurring topic for better engagement. It is a win-win situation for both the viewer as well as the creators. 

Embedding YouTube videos

The conversion rate of video content on YouTube is a major denomination along with a low bounce rate. If a video is embedded on the website, the visitors will stick to it for a longer period. 

Creating Playlist

The YouTube content is organized by creating a playlist as the videos can be grouped into categories with it. This is a major way through which the video can appeal to the desire of the viewers to binge.

Asking for Engagement

The video can be spread by asking for engagement by the viewers and it can be asked directly if it is an upcoming channel. The engagement can be kept rolling by asking a question to the visitors. 

Live Streaming

Live video is a huge trend in social media and it is here to stay for long. On YouTube, live videos have just started to gain some grounds. One can cite examples of other videos to get to know what other brands are doing. YouTube live streaming may be in the form of Q& A sessions, live tutorials, product demonstrations, and webinars.

Collaborating with brands

One of the biggest tactics in the promotional process is to collaborate with other brands and creators. This will invariably lead to massive exposure to a new bunch of audience. One has to collaborate with the right partners who have a similar passion and the video has to be authentic.

Running paid campaign

The video can be promoted with different kinds of ads as there various formats of ads that are available. Some of the most popular formats are sponsored cards, bumper ads, non-shippable and shippable video ads, overlay ads, and most importantly display ads.

Publishing content in social media

The YouTube video can be published regularly on social media and social followers are encouraged to become the subscribers of the YouTube channel. 

There are numerous ways to promote YouTube videos and the creators have various tactics up their sleeves to make it viral. 



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