The Real YouTube Video Promotion Serves A New Scope To The Youtubers
real youtube video promotion

Being one of the largest video streaming sites, YouTube welcomes almost 30 million visitors per day as well as approx 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Video bloggers are always in the quest of getting more viewership for their channels. Their sole motto lies in the promotion of their product or services in the most realistic manner. Initially, it sounds easy but there are certain strategies and techniques to be looked upon for a?real youtube video promotion.

1. Research of Keyword

The keyword plays an important role in keeping the video at the top of the list, this helps not only in SEO but setting perfect keyword involves in one of the fundamental digital marketing practices skill. Keyword says a lot about the channel, it helps in titling and tagging of good videos. Moreover, good research in keyword expands the chance of conversion.

?2. Good quality videos

Quality is the primary necessity to rank the content in the top of the order both in YouTube and Google, their algorithm has been designed in that way. Now to get a real and fast YouTube promotion first thing to notice at that the content of the video is filled only with needful and essential information, fresh and elegant representation and video clips of high-quality.

?3. Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnail also plays an important role in the promotion along with the quality of the videos. Here is something Google urges to set up a sufficient thumbnail


  • Known image formats like .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG should be used
  • 2MB is the maximum size it can be stretched.
  • A ratio of 16:9 should be maintained.
  • Keeping up a Resolution of 1280*720 is mandatory.


4.?SERPs-a new trend

Like SEO, search engine results pages (SERPs) seem effective for the promotion of the videos on YouTube. It works in a more simplified manner like getting the keywords first that shows the most video results and then use the same keyword to accelerate in YouTube’s search ranking.

5. Creating video series on every Week

Video Series helps in engaging the viewers with different content otherwise it’s no point of them to subscribe to any particular channel. So, the YouTubers must keep in mind to come up with a unique video series every week.



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