Is The National Society of High School Scholars Worth It?

Is The National Society of High School Scholars Worth It
Is The National Society of High School Scholars Worth It

The National Society of High School Scholars, while not a complete fraud, will not improve your child’s chances of admission to college. In reality, college authorities (especially at the most prestigious colleges) tend to roll their eyes when they see it on a resume, and listing it there makes an applicant look like a rube rather than a star.

Although NSHSS solicitation material makes the group appear to be highly selective, the threshold is actually set fairly low, and there are no benefits to joining other than a remote chance at scholarship money. (However, there are thousands of scholarships available that do not require membership dues or application fees, and the greatest money is usually provided directly by the universities themselves.) As a result, The Dean recommends against paying for this “honor.”

Is The National Society of High School Scholars Worth It?

The quick answer is “absolutely Yes!” but there is one minor catch: to truly appreciate the Society’s value, one must take advantage of its perks. Why is NSHSS so valuable? Simply defined, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) offers students a lifetime of rewards, experiences, and resources to help them achieve their academic and career goals. We also connect pupils with a network of other high-achieving students.

Joining NSHSS is worthwhile because the chances and benefits we offer allow students to investigate and earn the necessary skills, recognition, and assistance to be successful today and in the future. We’ve broken down the NSHSS perks that make it worthwhile to join!

What are NSHSS Scholarships?

Each year, NSHSS and its partners awarded more than $2 million in scholarships. These scholarships are transferable to any authorized college or university in the world.

Their scholarships span a wide range of themes, including STEM, art, leadership, activism, diversity, environmental sustainability, writing, and much more, so there is likely to be a scholarship that is a good fit for any of our members.

Furthermore, because a number of our scholarships are only available to NSHSS members, you will not have to compete with people from all over the world simply to be considered for the prize.


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