Are Gel Blasters Illegal in Victoria? Everything To Know!

Gel blasters are typically plastic toy guns with spring-powered batteries. When the trigger is pulled, the “grenade’s” spring-loaded hammer smashes the valve in the centre of the base, causing the canister’s cap holes to open and let the gas inside the canister escape. This then propels and sprays gels in the direction of the intended target. Typically, a gel blaster can fire soft gel projectiles up to a speed of roughly 250 feet per second. It is comparable to an airsoft AEG or gas blowback airsoft, but unlike airsoft weapons, the gel blaster gun has an uneven spherical form, and it is lighter and has a larger projectile size, which results in a lower muzzle velocity. They are therefore arguably the safest BB and airsoft pistols available.

Gel guns, hydro blasters, and gelsoft guns are other names for gel blasters. It fires 6-8 mm superabsorbent polymer water beads as projectiles (also called hydrogel balls, gel balls or water bullets).

Except for Queensland, which is the only state in Australia that permits people to own a gel blaster without a permit or licence because it is not classified as a firearm or weapon, it is illegal to carry one in public view unless there is a valid reason. Gel blasters are illegal throughout Australia in all States and Territories.

Gel Blasters Shops and Stores

The Firearms Act and Regulations in NSW place tight restrictions on gel blasters. In NSW, a firearms dealers licence is necessary to deal in gel blasters, including selling and supplying them. To lawfully sell and provide gel blasters, any shop or store, including internet retailers, must have a current licence. Additionally, they are only permitted to supply and sell gel blasters to people who possess the proper guns licence for the category of the gel blaster pistol. If you distribute or sell a gel blaster in NSW unlawfully, there are severe penalties that apply. Here is a list of a few stores and shops:

  • Tactoys Gel Blaster
  • Bankstown Gun Shop
  • Tactical Edge Hobbies
  • X-Force Tactical
  • Gel Blaster Direct
  • GelSoft Australia

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Are Gel Blasters Illegal in Victoria?

In Victoria, a gel blaster is regarded as a “firearm,” and as such, it is forbidden to own or use one unless you have a current guns licence. In Victoria, summary firearm offences carry jail terms of up to two years in the Local Magistrates Court for possession or use of a firearm without a firearms licence. For more serious firearms offences that are adjudicated by higher courts, harsher penalties are applied.According to section 3 of the Firearms Act 1996, a firearm in Victoria is defined as a device designed to discharge shot, a bullet, or other missile by the expansion of gases produced in it by the ignition of strongly combustible materials, by compressed air, or by other gases, whether that gas is stored within the device in pressurised containers or within the device by mechanical means (Vic). Melbourne’s gun rules also apply to gel blasters.


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