Are I Bond Rates Expected To Rise? Estimated I Bond Rate November, December 2022

In order to prevent your money from losing value due to inflation, the U.S. Treasury has issued safe investments known as I bonds. I bonds’ interest rates are periodically changed to reflect changing market conditions. For investors who reside in high-tax states and localities, the fact that series I bonds are free from state and local income taxes makes them an even better low-risk option.

I bonds can be purchased by investors through the TreasuryDirect website of the government for up to $10,000 per year. With the additional $5,000 you can spend from your tax refund, the annual maximum series I bond purchase per individual is now $15,000.

Are I Bond Rates Expected To Rise?

When the 6-month “inflation rate” of 1.77% (or 3.54% annually!), which was reported in May 2021, coverage started in earnest. The I bond rates then quadrupled to 7.12% in November 2021! The rate is now 9.62% for purchases and renewals made in October 2022!

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Expected I Bond Rates!

  • November 2022

The US Treasury’s October 2022 I bond inflation rate is 9.62%, or 4.81% over a period of six months. In just six months, your $100 investment will be worth $104.81!

The most recent CPI-U figures, which you can see below determine the inflation rates for I bonds, are something we are closely monitoring. CPI data was made public on September 13, 2022. Observe the wide range of potential outcomes for the upcoming rate, based on data from 5 of the previous 6 months.

I Bond Rates are expected to be 7.16 percent in November 2022.

  • December 2022

There is no predictions about the I bond rates in december so we can’t provide any valuable information about this but keep checking our site we post any info which is appropriate regarding this topic.


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