Joel Kim Booster [email protected] Photos & Video Viral On Social Media!

Joel Kim Booster N@ked Photos & Video Viral On Social Media!
Joel Kim Booster [email protected] Photos & Video Viral On Social Media!

Joel Kim Booster’s naked images have surfaced on the internet, and he’s making light of the situation in his new comedy special.

During his recent Netflix comedy special, American comedian Joel Kim Booster talked about discovering his naked photos had been released online.

Booster revealed during his comedy special “Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual,” which was shot at Catch One in Los Angeles, that he had photographed “dozens,” if not “hundreds – certainly,” of nudes and was astonished to see them on a website last year.

“I’m constantly shooting naked body images and sending them around with reckless abandon,” Booster, 34, explained. “Because I’ve been so careless about it, I discovered out last Christmas, on literal Christmas Eve, that all my nudes had gone online.”

When he found out about the leaked photos, the “Fire Island” star said he was “upset,” “mad,” and “felt violated.”

Following the release of his film Fire Island on Hulu, the 34-year-old actor and comedian is having a major moment right now.

Joel Kim Booster Leaked Video & Photos

Joel not only acts in the new film, but he also created the script. He can also be featured in this week’s launch of the new Apple TV+ series Loot. His latest Netflix documentary.

Joel reacts to his nudes leaking online in a clip from the trailer for his forthcoming comedy special.

“I discovered that all of my nudes were leaked online,” he explained. “I see some of you grabbing for your phone right now. Obviously, I was enraged, and I felt violated, um… But then I saw they were posted on a website for male ‘celebrity’ nudists, and I thought, ‘They can stay….'”

Watch the trailer above and see the special on Netflix on June 21.


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