Taylor Hickson Car Accident: What Happened To Her?

Taylor Hickson Car Accident
Was Taylor Hickson In A Car Accident- What Happened To Her?

Taylor Hickson, who played the young Vera in the film, was injured so badly that she sued the film’s producers for negligence, claiming compensation for the time she missed from work and the different healing therapies.

Movie stunts are difficult to carry off and can be disastrous if something goes wrong. Famous examples include Uma Thurman’s near-fatal vehicle accident on the set of “Kill Bill: Volume 2” and the malfunctioning “jerk-back” stunt that immobilized “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” stuntman David Holmes from the chest down.

Taylor Hickson Car Accident, Injury, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth 2022

During the filming of “Ghostland,” a lesser-known on-set catastrophe occurred. The 2018 indie horror film tells the story of two sisters who are stalked, kidnapped, and tormented by cruel, doll-obsessed intruders.

The film earned mixed-to-negative reviews (according to Rotten Tomatoes), but most people are aware of it because of the real-life horror it created for one of its young actresses.

Taylor Hickson Was Involved in a Car Accident?

Taylor Hickson and her driver were in a car accident, and both were hurt. She told her social media fans that she and her driver are doing well after the accident and that their rehabilitation is going well, but she stressed that healing from an accident is not always a physical process.

Another vehicle crashed into the side of her vehicle as she drove home from work on Tuesday, November 16. Fortunately, the accident was minor, and she suffered no significant injuries.

Taylor Hickson Injury

She suffered a severe facial injury while filming the independent horror film Ghostland in Canada, and she has launched a lawsuit against the film’s production company, Incident Productions.

She added that she needs some time to recover from the incident and that she will be joining the fantastic team in 2022.

She then thanked the Motherland cast and crew for their support while she took a break from filming, adding that plans are being made to give her the time she needs to recover.

Taylor Hickson Boyfriend

Taylor has been dating David Nadeau for a large amount of their relationship. Taylor revealed that she was in a relationship with David earlier this year, in April.

She posted a snapshot of herself on Instagram, joined by David. When one of her fans asked if he was her boyfriend, she stated emphatically that he was really her boyfriend.

Taylor Hickson’s Family History

Taylor Delaney Hickson, a Canadian actress, was born on December 11th, 1997. Shannon and Russell Hickson are her biological parents. She is the eldest of four siblings and was raised in the British Columbia town of Kelowna. Her younger sister’s name is Tianna, and both her younger brother and elder sister’s names are Tyson. Tiernan is the name of her older brother (Younger Sister).

She began playing folk songs alongside her father at talent shows when she was 11 years old. She quickly grew fond of the guitar and piano after learning to play them. She was given permission to audition for acting parts after graduating from high school, and the casting agent quickly signed her.

Taylor Hickson’s Net Worth

Taylor Hickson’s acting career is considered to have contributed significantly to her net worth, which is close to one million dollars. Despite the fact that she has not disclosed the exact amount of her salary, she has earned a substantial quantity of riches.

She enjoys traveling and buying designer clothes with her savings. She has been in critically acclaimed films such as Everything, Everything, and Deadpool, both of which grossed large sums at the box office.


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