Tennessee Titans Got New Domed Stadium Concept, Location, Capacity, Virtual Tour

The Nashville, Tennessee-based Tennessee Titans play professional American football. The Titans play their home games at Nissan Stadium in the American Football Conference (AFC) South division of the National Football League (NFL).

Concept for Stadium

Nihill stated that although the designs have not yet been finalised, they began working on the architecture because they wanted to determine whether the new stadium would fit in the parking lot to the east of Nissan Stadium.

Here are five important lessons to learn about the stadium design idea:

  1. The stadium will be domed without a retractable roof. Retractable roofs aren’t used as much, according to Nihill. He suggested that it might have a transparent roof like the one on the Los Angeles stadium with cross-breeze ventilation.
  2. With the upper deck of the new building positioned halfway into where club level is now, the revised plans seek to offer a considerably better viewing experience.
  3. The stadium will hold 55,000–60,000 people comfortably, which is plenty for a super bowl. Plans call for roughly 170 opulent suits.
  4. The playing surface will be made of artificial turf. From a safety standpoint, Nihill continued, they are enthusiastic about the latest innovations in artificial turf.
  5. In addition to parking, there may be proposals to build a transit stop in a stadium corner.

A new 30-year lease will come from the new deal between the city and the Titans. Metro will become the stadium’s owner after the lease expires.

Construction might begin as early as next year, and the stadium could be finished by 2026 if the idea is approved.

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Location and Virtual Tour!

The 60,000-seat, 1.7-million-square-foot structure would be constructed on the Nissan Stadium property on the East Bank of the Cumberland River, sandwiched between the current stadium and the highway.

Even though a $2.1 billion new stadium plan for the Tennessee Titans was only unveiled on Monday, we already have a few details on the architecture. Burke Nihil, President and CEO of the Titans, responded to inquiries from the press over the undertaking.


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