Who is Josh Danehower? What Happened, Murder Suspect, Why Arrested?

Josh Danehower
Josh Danehower

Gret Glyer, 32, was fatally shot, and Joshua Daniel Danehower, 33, of Arlington, Virginia, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and using a weapon while committing a felony.

During a news conference on Wednesday morning, a captain from the City of Fairfax Police Department stated that Danehower is a family companion. That was not immediately evident, assuming he had legal advice.

According to experts, Glyer was shot while sleeping in his bed. According to police radio communications, his better half and children were available.

Gret Glyer, the CEO of a fundraising website, was tragically shot by a FedEx employee.

A FedEx employee was held by Virginia airport police on his way to work at Dulles International Airport on Tuesday. At that point, he learned that he was being held by police in connection with the shooting death of Gret Glyer, 32, the charity CEO and father of two little children who were found dead in his bed last week.

According to Fairfax City officials, the package carrier, 33-year-old Joshua Danehower of Arlington, acted calmly and was brought into custody without incident.

Who is Josh Danehower? A Murderer’s Wikipedia

Joshua Danehower, 33, was apprehended at Dulles International Airport on Tuesday evening after police tracked him from Arlington to the airport and then to the airport itself.

According to the police, Danehower was the subject of questioning, and as a result of those conversations, he was named as a possible suspect in the inquiry. Following the event, no specifics on a possible explanation were made public.

At a news conference on Wednesday morning, a captain with the City of Fairfax Police Department said that Danehower is known to the family. The skipper gave this information. It was unclear whether or not he was represented by an attorney.

Glyer was slain while sleeping in his bed, according to the inquiry. His wife and children were there at the incident, according to police radio recordings.

Information about the great Glyer

Glyer founded DonorSee in 2016, according to the company website. It is a platform designed to contribute directly to the hand-to-hand system of needy people, with a primary focus on poverty and famine in Africa.

The basic goal of development is to eliminate poverty and assist those in need. The company has only 15 employees, and they prepared a film showing how they use it. They express their grief on a DonorSee page, stating that he was a courageous and loving leader who treated everyone like family.

Gret Glyer’s Family Tree and Obituary

Glyer has been discussing his youngest son, who will be six months old soon, in a series of social media posts.

Glyer’s two small children were there throughout the incident, according to officials, but they were not injured as a result of it. Glyer’s nonprofit organisation, DonorSee, is able to raise funds through the website, allowing him to support his wife and two children.

Glyer’s wife, Heather Glyer, released a statement immediately after the police announced an arrest in connection with the inquiry. This is what it says completely:

She is grateful for the support we have received from our church, friends, family, and even strangers, as well as the police and everyone else who worked so hard to make this arrest happen so quickly.

People’s reactions to the incident and condolences

Gret Glyer’s wife stated that she was by his side when he was shot, and according to authorities, he was none other than Joshua Danehower.

And his wife, overcome with sadness, described him as his greatest friend, a good husband, and a parent. And she never imagined she’d have to face this day. He had a tremendous heart and always wanted to help people, she added, and his colleagues stated he was always ready with a good attitude.

Josh Danehower: Who Is He? A Murderer’s Wikipedia Joshua Danehower, 33, was apprehended Tuesday night at Dulles International Airport after being pursued by police from Arlington to the airport.

According to the authorities, Danehower was mentioned as an expected suspect by detectives after being the subject of meetings. A poor explanation was rapidly revealed.

During a news conference on Wednesday morning, a captain from the City of Fairfax Police Department stated that Danehower is a family member. It was not immediately clear whether he had a legal counsel.


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