Who Was Jessica Rhea Ford Found Dead? Suicide? Obituary!

Who Was Jessica Rhea Ford Found Dead? Suicide? Obituary!
Who Was Jessica Rhea Ford Found Dead? Suicide? Obituary!

Jessica Rhea Ford, 40, was the lady who was tragically killed after falling off a chairlift. She appeared to have tried suicide before her death.

Jessica was enjoying a ride in the Smoky Mountains at Anakeesta, which is situated in a theme park where tourists may come to experience a variety of various attractions.

Who Was Jessica Rhea Ford?

According to reports, Jessica, 40, committed herself while riding a ride at the theme park, which is a fantastic place for folks who like spending holidays with their loved ones. However, it is still unknown what she was doing at the time of the occurrence.

As a result, the relevant authorities has seized control of the CCTV tape, so that everything can be seen in the mirror. Because no one knows who is to blame for all of this, the management team or her.

Since the news began to circulate on social media, an uncountable number of responses have occurred as everyone prepares to become aware of everything. So, we have highlighted such bits of facts that have been collected from ther relevant sources, and thus a few are still waiting to be revealed. Because the inquiry is still ongoing, and everything will be cleaned very soon, leaving no thorns behind.

So remain connected with us to learn more, as several stories are bringing further information, and when anything important comes out, we will notify you.

Jessica Rhea Ford was discovered dead by suicide at a Tennessee theme park.

According to many news outlets, the lady identified as Jessica who jumped from the chairlift looked to have committed suicide.

According to a statement issued by Gatlinburg police, the woman’s corpse was recovered under the Scenic Chondola at Anakeesta, a theme park in the Smoky Mountains.

The autopsy findings have not been made public since the inquiry is still underway; nonetheless, the evidence point to the dead individual committing suicide. The autopsy was done, but the findings were not made public.

Two witnesses came forward to talk about what they saw; one of them was McConnell, who said that Ford fell from the chairlift around three-quarters of the way up the mountain. Other witnesses came forward to give their observations as well. He also added that other visitors sought to tell her that her safety railing was in place before to the disaster, but she did not reply.

Similarly, another witness called Deuro reported that the crew did not halt the trip even after the woman had fallen. However, the crew only ran the chairlift for as long as it took passengers to evacuate before shutting it down. The crew used its fleet of transportation vehicles to enable visitors to exit the mountain summit. Following the sad loss of the lady in her forties, a spokesperson from Anakeesta expressed their profound sympathies.

Jessica Rhea Ford Obituary

Jessica’s death has left many of the witnesses who were on the chairlift with her heartbroken. They must have felt terrible for her since they were unable to rescue her because the ride continued to go on despite her fall.

Several individuals have expressed their condolences and prayers for her and her family on different social networking sites. In the same line, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathies to Jessica’s family and pray that their loved one’s departed soul may finally find rest in paradise.

Furthermore, may God provide her family and friends the strength to overcome their loss and go on with their lives as best they can. And, although the person who was 40 years old is no longer with them, the memories she left behind will live on in both their thoughts and hearts for the rest of their lives. We can only hope that the investigation into her case will be completed soon and that new information about the occurrence will be made public in the days ahead.


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