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Accidentally Paid 300 Times His Salary
Accidentally Paid 300 Times His Salary

A worker who then vanished paid me £150,000 for a month’s work! A worker went missing after getting more than three times his salary ($150,000) for a month’s worth of work. As of May, an anonymous Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos employee owed £450 in overtime pay. Instead, a lucky Chilean employee makes a mistake that ends in a jackpot of 300 times his annual income. Rather than repaying the corporation, he stole the money and disappeared; he has not been seen since.

That is exactly what occurred to one Chilean employee, and he appears to have vanished with the money.

According to Metro UK, the employee received a monthly check for more than CA$230,000 for his job in May.

It was a lot of money compared to his typical wage of a little more than $700 per month — which is less than the average take-home pay in Chile, which is around $1,100 per month, according to Metro UK.

When he discovered the large chunk of change in his bank account, the man apparently reported the mix-up to HR at his business, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos in Santiago, Chile.
But, despite pledging to return the money the following day, he was nowhere to be located.

To make matters even more fascinating, he allegedly taken the monies and has not been heard from since, according to Metro UK.

This narrative has nothing on Catch Me If You Can!

Following several unsuccessful attempts to contact the man, the company was contacted by the man’s lawyer, who informed them that he had resigned from his employment, according to Metro UK.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what was going to happen.

Although no arrests have been made in this case, the corporation has charged the missing worker with theft of cash, according to Metro UK.
And, whatever happens in this situation, many people will be left wondering, “What would I do?”

This Chilean man appears to have said, “Grab the cash and get the hell out of dodge.”


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