Blue Protocol Release Date 2023, Beta Version Features, New Trailer, How To Download?

Bandai Namco is creating future Online Action-RPG Blue Protocol in Unreal Engine 4. The Blue Protocol development team also contributed to the Tales Series, Tekken, and Ace Combat. The game’s Closed Beta just ended in Japan, and the developers are now hard at work making adjustments based on player feedback. However, there is currently no word on a western beta or release date.

Release Date

An updated release window for Blue Protocol, a upcoming online action-RPG from Bandai Namco, was announced on November 15, 2022. Its new launch window is early in the spring of 2023. This seems to be specific to Japan only. But the presentation also mentioned that Blue Protocol would make an appearance at TGA 2022.

This indicates that more information about a potential global release is forthcoming. Games that attend The Game Awards are always made with a global audience in mind. Additionally, the presentation made it clear that this would involve international news. However, it made no mention of the specific timing.

Beta Version Features

The Closed Beta will have more body types, hairstyles, and customization options overall than the Closed Alpha. The character creation in Blue Protocol is fairly thorough and particularly intriguing because each outfit you can use is broken down into parts. i.e., the components of various outfits can be combined.

The town has a coliseum, a beach, some places to improve your equipment and character, and even a bar. You can also make some specific character movements, some of which are only possible when your character is sitting or in another position.

The Memory Stand system was also mentioned to us. Finding these locations grants you some benefits. The city contains areas where Liquid Memory energy builds up. Beginning with the Closed Beta, that system will be added. Moving the camera while using autorun and removing the cursor target from the screen are two more improvements to the quality of life.

The player character’s voice acting in Blue Protocol’s main plot is one of the most intriguing aspects. In Japanese online RPGs, this is incredibly uncommon. Though it’s too soon to tell whether the player character actually takes an active part or not.

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How To Download?

By clicking this link, you may download the Blue Protocol game client; it should begin downloading right away. The next step is to simply choose the directory and click “install,” as is customary for installs.

The “BLUE PROTOCOL closed beta version” and “(DirectX11) BLUE PROTOCOL closed beta version)” icons will show up on your desktop after the installation is finished. Either icon can be clicked to launch the game launcher.

When viewing the play guide on a smartphone, there is currently an issue that prevents the menu display and page switching from functioning as intended. Although the issue is being investigated, for the time being, you should use your PC to browse the play guide.


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