Adam Levine Sumner Stroh, Affair, Mistress, Cheated?

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the pop rock band Maroon 5 is American singer, songwriter, and musician Adam Noah Levine. With the band Kara’s Flowers, of which he was the lead guitarist and vocalist, Levine launched his musical career in 1994. The band was resurrected as Maroon 5 in 2001 following the financial failure of their sole album, The Fourth World, with James Valentine taking Levine’s place as lead guitarist. They first released Songs About Jane in 2002, which achieved multi-platinum sales in the US. Since then, they have released six additional albums, including It Won’t Be Soon Before Long in 2007, Hands All Over in 2010, Overexposed in 2012, and Red Pill Blues in 2014.

About Sumner Stroh

On August 11, 1999, in a family of Americans, Sumner Stroh was born. She goes by the moniker Sumner and is a Leo by birth. She completed her high school education at a nearby private school in her community. She enrolled in The University of Texas in Austin for further education, where she will graduate in 2020.

Sumner is of mixed ethnicity but holds American citizenship. However, there is currently no information available regarding her parents. Baylen Stroh is the name of her older sister. She founded the clothing and jewellery company Strung by Stroh and is a well-known figure on social media.

Adam’s Affair with Sumner Stroh?

As a result of her popular Tiktok video, Sumner Stroh has become widely visible online. She showed screenshots of her interaction with singer Adam Levine in the video. As a member of the pop rock group Maroon 5, the vocalist is well-known for top singles like Animals, Girls Like You, Memories, and many others.

She gained notoriety after claiming that she is having an affair with Adam Levine. The well-known musician, who is already wed to Behati Prinsloo, has recently started texting Sumner.

Is Sumner a Mistress of Adam?

Yet it is not confirmed that Adam really is sending messages to Sumner because anyone can make fake screenshots to defame another person so we can not claim that Sumner is Mistress of Adam.

And Adam himself denied all the allegations that are imposed on him by Sumner.

Adam Levine Cheating!

Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, ended his quiet on the allegations of adultery. The musician, who is expecting his third kid with his wife Behati Prinsloo, was allegedly having an affair with Instagram model Sumner Stroh, according to a recent report. Levine offered his version of the story on Instagram Stories after her claims that she posted on TikTok went viral.

Levine said in a statement released on Tuesday that he wanted to clarify the matter since “a lot is being said about me right now. I erred by flirtatiously speaking with anyone besides my wife, which is a bad idea. Even though I didn’t have an affair, I did something wrong at a bad time in my life.

It “become inappropriate in some circumstances; I addressed that and took proactive steps to correct this with my family,” he continued.

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“In this world, my wife and my family are everything to me. The worst mistake I could have ever made was to be this naive and ignorant as to risk the only thing that actually matters to me. I won’t succeed again. I accept full accountability. We’ll manage to overcome it. And together, we shall overcome it,” he said.Sumner Stroh did not like the remarks. The model posted a mysterious message with the caption, “Someone get this dude a dictionary,” on her Instagram Stories.

Stroh uploaded a video over the weekend in which she asserted that she and the singer had been dating for a year, which sparked the claims against Levine. She provided screenshots of the purported DM the musician allegedly sent her after she “stopped communicating to him over a period of months,” however she did not go into detail about the timeframe.

Okay, serious question, it said. If I have another child, I really want to name him Sumner if he is a boy. You agree to that? FREAKING serious” Stroh stated that she initially didn’t want to make the accusations public, but changed her mind when a friend of hers attempted to sell the screenshots she gave in confidence to a tabloid. “I never intended to appeal for sympathy. And I am completely aware that I am not the aggressor in this. The person who is actually suffering here is not me. I apologise sincerely; it’s Behati and her kids “She spoke.


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