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Aemond One-Eye, another name for Prince Aemond Targaryen Aemond the Kinslayer was also a member of House Targaryen. He was the younger brother of King Aegon II Targaryen and the second child of King Viserys I Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. Aemond rode the dragon Vhagar and was a dragonrider like his siblings.

Ewan Mitchell and Leo Ashton play Aemond in the House of the Dragon television adaption.

Aemond Targaryan Children

Aemond, Aegon’s younger sibling, is Alicent’s second child. Consider him to be the Prince Daemon of this family, but without any of Daemon’s ambition, haste, or martial prowess, at least not yet. Aemond spends a lot of his young life feeling quite self-conscious about the fact that, as we can see in this episode, he doesn’t have a dragon.

As we saw how irrational and dangerous with a sword he has grown to be, episode 8 made the connection between Aemond and the Daemon much stronger. He already outperforms Ser Criston Cole, and he appears strong enough to contend with virtually anyone in the Seven Kingdoms. The fact that Aemond doesn’t fully believe the score has settled between himself and Rhaenyra’s “Strong lads” despite losing an eye and gaining a dragon is what makes this situation the most deadly.

Targaryan Family Tree

Above is the family tree of whole Targaryan’s family.

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About Aemond Targaryan Wife

Aemond and his elder brother Aegon are shown in House of the Dragon talking about getting married to their sister Helaena. Aegon is promised to her, despite the fact that Aemond claims he would not mind marrying her. What about Aemond, the prince with only one eye? Alicent might have forgotten to locate Aemond an appropriate wife, Targaryen or not, in the midst of a civil war.

Because Aemond doesn’t legally wed anyone in the book. He is said to be engaged to House Strong servant Alys Rivers. After Aemond’s passing, she tells members of the Kingsguard that she is now his wife. She even shows them her young son, whom she describes as Aemond’s heir. She has a witchy persona in the book. But her son’s supposed claim to the Iron Throne never materialises.

According to the book, Alys is a supposed bastard of House Strong, making her the sibling of Larys Strong, who serves as Queen Alicent’s right-hand man at the moment. If the programme sticks to that section of the book, Aemond might wed Alys in the show after Larys introduces her as a good match for him.

Right now, though, we can confidently say based just on the book lore that Aemond isn’t exactly a ladies’ man.


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