Black Ink Ceaser Hits Dog Video Viral On Reddit, What Happened?

Following controversy over a video showing Black Ink Crew New York actor Ceaser Emanuel torturing pets, VH1 has announced that it will “break relations” with him.

The programme focuses on the activities of Emanuel’s tattoo parlour, Black Ink Tattoo, which is located in Manhattan’s Harlem neighbourhood. Additionally, he owns studios in Houston, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Orlando.

“We have decided to terminate relations with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York,” a VH1 spokeswoman said. The future season won’t be affected by this decision because production on it was almost finished.

It is anticipated that the channel will talk about the situation in some way during the programme.

The video was old, according to Ceaser’s attorney Walter Mosley, who spoke to TMZ. No police are involved, according to Mosley. “During COVID, it was shot at his Atlanta home.”

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On Wednesday, the footage that brought about Ceasar’s demise appeared. Ceaser appears to be abusing and beating the canines in the images, which sparked outrage online.

Upon reposting the video online, Ceaser’s co-star Donna Lombardi said, “I don’t even get into the life of this man, but this video made me so unhappy.”She requested that the network terminate him entirely. “I hope the public sees you for the monster that you are, @ceaserblackink.”


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