Bullyville CEO James McGibney Anti-Bullying Activist, Where Is He Now, Net Worth

Bullyville CEO James McGibney
Bullyville CEO James McGibney

When James McGibney reached 18, he joined the United States Marine Corps and immediately learned he was adept with computers and programming. “It’s incredible what you can achieve with a computer,” he stated. It’s absolutely unfiltered, unlike humans; I receive precisely what I put into it.” James joined the Marine Security Guard Battalion in Quantico, Virginia after serving in a surveillance intelligence squad in Japan. He deployed his cyber defense talents to protect embassies there.

James McGibney Net Worth

As of 2022, James McGibney’s net worth is unknown. However, he may have made more money from his employment.

He is the founder and CEO of ViaView, Inc., which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. ViaView owns and operates BullyVille.com, CheaterVille.com, KarmaVille.com, and DramaVille.com.

He announced in June 2012 that he will host VocalVille on CBS radio station KXNT-FM in Las Vegas. Hunter was forced to pay James $250,000 in libel damages in a March 2013 court judgement.

After leaving the Marine Corps, James started a software firm, which he sold in 2003, and subsequently worked for a number of other computer organisations. Hunter and his website were introduced to him in December 2011 when the latter appeared on ‘The Anderson Cooper Show.’ Then James learnt about instances of individuals committing suicide after their photographs were uploaded on the internet. At that time, James made the decision to take Hunter down.

“Everyone was blasting [Moore] and screaming what an a-hole he was, but no one was doing anything to attempt to solve it,” James later claimed. Without a question, [Moore] was the most prominent Internet bully.” As a result, he originally tried to acquire his confidence by promoting on his website. By then, James had established CheaterVille, a website where individuals could anonymously submit tales about cheaters and even identify them.

“I truly felt like I was getting through to him,” James remarked after developing some trust and connection with Hunter. So I said, ‘Sell me your site,’ to which he replied, ‘What are you going to do with it?’ ‘I’m going to shut it off right now,’ I replied. ‘I’ll send it to BullyVille.’ And we went back and forth for a bit until he consented.” BullyVille, which James also established, was a website where users could discuss their experiences with bullying and harassment.

Hunter sold his domain to James in April 2012, and anybody accessing the website was diverted to BullyVille. “The issue with IsAnyoneUp.com is finally fixed,” James added. BullyVille.com, in its place, will exist to assist individuals who are bullied in resolving their issues via collaboration and thinking, rather than abuse.” Hunter was later sentenced to federal prison for his involvement in a hacking conspiracy to collect and disseminate private photos online.

Where is James McGibney Now?

When CheaterVille (which collapsed in May 2015) was likened to Hunter’s website, James McGibney found himself in hot water. “[CheaterVille.com] was not founded for vengeance or evil purpose,” James said. It was intended to warn people, and I’ll never alter my mind because that’s what I believe in.” He also had intentions to create TV episodes based on the online businesses he controlled. Soon after selling the site to James, Hunter went on Twitter and made horrific remarks about James’ wife, falsely accusing him of being a “paedophile who had child pornography.”

Hunter was sentenced to pay James $250,000 in defamation damages in March 2013. James now resides in Round Rock, Texas, where he works as the Senior Director of Cybersecurity for an electrical contracting firm in addition to maintaining BullyVille. He is happily married with three boys and likes spending time with them. In 2014, James was the target of a lawsuit alleging that a guy called Thomas Retzlaff stalked and harassed him and his firm, ViaView.


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