Cecile Brossard’s Current Location & Facts About the Murderer Who Shot Her Billionaire Lover Edouard Stern

Where Is Cecile Brossard Now
Where Is Cecile Brossard Now

Cecile Brossard, the woman who admitted to killing her rich lover Edouard Stern, was released from prison in November 2010 after only 18 months, according to Agence France Presse (AFP). But where has she gone?

Cecile Brossard was sentenced to 8.5 years in jail for manslaughter after admitting to shooting French financier Edouard Stern four times in his Geneva penthouse on February 28, 2005.

Where Is Cecile Brossard Now? Murderer Who Shot Dead Her Billionaire Lover Edouard Stern Facts

However, she professed tremendous guilt for murdering his boyfriend in 2005 during a sadomasochistic sex session on a Swiss investigative TV program.

Cecile Brossard, 43, stated in a letter read aloud during the concert dedicated to the murder, “It is apparent that every second of my life that passes, I regret, and will eternally regret my deed.”

Where is Cecile Brossard Now?

Cecile Brossard’s current residency is not currently listed anywhere.

Cecile Brossard, a former shop clerk turned artist, admitted to killing Edouard Stern and claimed she did it in a fit of rage when he mentioned she was a $1 million prostitute.

Edouard Stern’s ex-wife and daughter arrive at court. They had previously feuded after Stern refused to return a $1 million gift he had given her. “A million dollars is a lot to pay for a whore,” the 50-year-old banker taunted Cecile seconds before his death.

Cecile shot banker Edouard Stern four times while he was bound to a chair and his latex bodysuit was tattering. According to the Geneva High Court, the 40-year-old cleaned up the crime scene and threw the weapon into a lake before fleeing to Italy and then Sydney.

What Were Cecile Brossard’s Charges?

Two weeks after the event, Cecile Brossard was arrested.

She was given a fair trial at Geneva High Court, where she admitted to killing the French billionaire. “I fired the first shot while pointing the pistol at his face.” The rifle was perhaps six inches away from his face. I believe I struck him between the eyes. He stood up, turned halfway around, and collapsed. “I took another shot at his head.”

The jury turned down her plea and labeled the offence “very serious.” She was convicted of murder rather than the lesser ‘crime of passion’ when a court ruled that she acted out of rage and avarice.

Brossard was held in pretrial custody for four years before pleading guilty, and she was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison on June 18, 2009. Cecile was given parole in November 2010.

Fortunately, because to her decreased guilt, she avoided the maximum 20-year prison sentence and was freed in November 2010 after only 18 months in prison. According to sources, she was released early since she had already served half of her sentence (8 1/2 years) in jail before the trial started.


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