Did 6ix9ine Get Shot? Found Dead? Overdose? Phone Number

American rapper Daniel Hernandez, formerly known as Tekashi69 and better known as 6ix9ine (stylized 6IX9INE and pronounced “six nine”), was born on May 8, 1996. His controversial public persona is characterised by his distinctive rainbow colored hair, numerous tattoos, legal issues, and widely reported celebrity feuds. His music has been characterised by an aggressive style of rapping.

Did 6ix9ine Get Shot?

At a music video shoot featuring 50 Cent, Uncle Murda, 6ix9ine, and Casnova, shots were fired on location. According to reports, eight shots were fired. On West St. near the Greenpoint waterfront in New York City on Tuesday night, the rappers were recording a music video for the song “Get the Strap” when the unknown assailant started firing.

According to TMZ, witnesses claim that at least 11 shots were fired during filming in Brooklyn on Tuesday at around 10:30 p.m. by someone driving a white Porsche with New Jersey licence plates. A closer look at the shot casings reveals that the shooter may have been using a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.

Law enforcement has not validated Tekashi’s sources’ assertion that the shooter wasn’t aiming for any of the other rappers. There were no victims noted.

While watching CCTV footage, authorities have not yet detained anyone.

According to sources close to 50 Cent, he was not the objective of the shooting, and they also think 6ix9ine was the target.

6ix9ine was allegedly robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint last month.

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Found Dead Due to Overdose!

According to sources, Tekashi 69 recently experienced a medical emergency and was sent to the hospital after consuming an excessive amount of coffee and a weight loss pill.

The rapper was discovered unconscious by his 14-year-old boyfriend Julio Gomez, who called the paramedics right away after he was unable to wake him up. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to The Huzlers.

At the moment, we were unsure if he had actually passed away or if the report was untrue.

A 6ix9ine overdose, on the other hand, was reported, but very few people were aware of the full nature of the incident. DJ Akademiks noted on Instagram that 6ix9ine is doing perfectly great in response to The Shade Room article about the rapper’s overdose. “Yes, he has finally realised that he needs a trainer and not some CVS items. But I spoke with him today. He was having a terrific time running on the track. Soon, he’ll be back,” Akademiks assured.


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