Expose Smithfield Deathstar, Protestor During Hot Dog eating Contest!

Expose Smithfield Deathstar
Expose Smithfield Deathstar

What is Smithfield Deathstar? Reddit!

According to NBC Sports, the stunt was in protest of Smithfield Foods, Nathan’s pork supplier, which was shared on Twitter by Direct Action Everywhere. Smithfield Foods was described as “a firm exposed for animal brutality, worker maltreatment, and pollution” in the post.

According to TMZ, three demonstrators at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest were arrested.

As Joey Chestnut returned for another year, fans were excited to see who will win this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

A protestor ran to the stage and interpreted the event while Joey and the other contenders were participating.

What do we know about the protester known as “Smithfield’s Deathstar”?

If you watched the 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you were probably astonished to see a protester on screen. The guy pushed Joey to the side while he was eating a hot dog and put up a black placard with white letters that said, “Expose Smithfield’s Deathstar.” The protester also wore a Darth Vader mask, an apparent connection to their sign’s “Deathstar” statement. So, what motivated them?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing, the prevailing assumption appears to be that the demonstrator was referring to Smithfield Foods.

According to The Sporting News, Smithfield Goods is situated in Smithfield, Virginia, and is recognized for manufacturing pigs and processing other foods. However, the corporation has already faced some serious claims, including animal mistreatment.

According to a PETA investigation, “Smithfield Foods, situated in Smithfield, Virginia, slaughters about 30 million pigs each year, more than any other corporation on the planet. If pigs were subject to the same rules that protect dogs and cats from mistreatment, the way Smithfield treats them from birth through slaughter might result in felony cruelty-to-animals charges.”

Joey Chestnut Tackles Protestor Smithfield Deathstar Video Viral

Every year, the contest is conducted in New York City’s Coney Island. This event attracts visitors from all over the city.

Things were no different this year. People had a great time as they gathered with full energy after the event.


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