Glenda Cleveland Age, Call, Daughter, Alive, Net Worth

The American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbour, Glenda Cleveland, was as well-known as Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbour.

Glenda Cleveland’s Age

According to 2010 data, Glenda Cleveland is 56 years old (Her Death).

About Glenda’s Daughter

Only when we searched for her online did we find her professional information and job history. There is no information accessible regarding her personal life.

Is Glenda Alive?

In 2022, she is dead. She tragically passed away from heart disease and excessive blood pressure in 2010 at the age of 56. She spent the years before she passed away caring for family members and getting her life back to normal.

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Net Worth of Glenda!

Her occupation and net worth are secret. However, we will soon update all the information regarding Glenda Cleveland’s career and net worth.


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