Has Milinkovic Savic been arrested? Premier League footballer charged with Barnet London

Has Milinkovic Savic been arrested? Premier League footballer charged with Barnet London
Has Milinkovic Savic been arrested? Premier League footballer charged with Barnet London

Is Milinkovic Savic in custody? A Premier League footballer has been charged for trespassing in Barnet, London. According to multiple sources, Serbian footballer Milinkovic Savic is currently detained.

Both Lazio in Italy and the Serbian national team use him in the center of the field. Arsenal, an English football club, has recently identified him as their top summer transfer target for the year 2022. He is well-known for his technical abilities, as well as his speed, stamina, shooting, and long-range passing.

Is Milinkovic Savic in custody?

No, he has not recently been apprehended by police enforcement. He is on vacation because there are presently no international or club football matches.

Many football club managers in Europe want to sign him since he is one of Europe’s most talented young midfielders with a lot of untapped potentials.

According to The Sun, a Premier League player was recently arrested in London. Milinkovic is ineligible to be that player because he previously played for Lazio in Italy and has never played in the Premier League.

At London’s Barnet Stadium, a footballer is charged.

On July 4, 2022, police in London were called to the residence of a Premier League footballer in his late twenties. They imprisoned him. A woman, also in her twenties, has filed a complaint against him, accusing him of abusing and raping her repeatedly. The complaints contained the allegations.

A Premier League player has been arrested on suspicion of rape in North London.

The sportsman was detained at 3 a.m. during a six-vehicle police raid on his mansion. The footballer is rumoured to be incredibly talented, making him one of the league’s greatest players. He was due to fly with the club on a pre-season trip, but he is now being held by police.

The alleged victim said she was raped during a sunny vacation in the middle of last month and that she successfully exited the estate following the crime. Authorities have so far withheld information regarding both the suspect and the victim’s identities.

Milinkovic Savic’s family information

Milinkovic comes from a very sporty family. Milana Savi, his mother, is a former professional basketball player, while Nikola Milinkovic, his father, played professional football in Serbia. Nikola Milinkovic has announced his retirement. Vanja Milinkovi-Savi, his younger brother, is his sibling.

Vanja had followed in the footsteps of his brother and father, both of whom were football players. It was Lazio, the same club where his brother played, and he was the team’s goalie.

Natalija Ilic is Milinkovic Savic’s wife.

Milinkovic is married and has a family. He married Natalija Ilic, a doctor who would later become his wife. They are said to have been dating since 2017, but the date of their wedding has yet to be announced.

He was in Rome at the time, on his way to a hospital, when he ran into Ilic. Milinkovic went through the agonising process of reconciling with model Andreja Travica. They fell in love quickly and have been living a great life together ever since.


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