Hazel Lynn Age, Birthday, House, Instagram

American actress Lynn Marie Freyse died on March 3, 2015. She gained fame for her role as Barbara Baxter in the last season of the American comedy Hazel.

Lynn’s Age

She belongs to the group of well-known actresses who are 78 years old.She was born on March 24,1937.

Lynn’s Birthday

She always celebrated her birthday on March 24 however her birth year is not fixed as somewhere it is mentioned 1935 and from any other source it is said to be 1937. We’ll let you know if some info get confirmed.

About Lynn’s House

There is no information about her house on the web so far. So we cannot give any speculations on her house when there is not reliable source.

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Lynn Marie Freyse Instagram

As she is of 77 years and never showed interest in social life so we cannot find her instagram id on the social site.


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