Is Andrew Tate Under Investigation? Everything To Know!

Andrew Tate Under Investigation
Andrew Tate Under Investigation

Kickboxer Andrew Tate, TikTok’s newest star, has also become the Internet’s newest face of misogyny. According to the London Evening Standard, the White Ribbon Charity called Tate’s comments “extremely misogynistic” and warned that they could have long-term consequences for a young audience. Tate’s videos were removed from TikTok by the charity; he was previously banned from Twitter.

Tate rose to prominence after appearing on the reality show Big Brother UK in 2016, where he was fired after videos emerged of him hitting a woman with a belt and verbally abusing her. He claimed that the act was voluntary. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning.

Tate has made numerous misogynistic, homophobic, and other derogatory remarks. Tate has said it all, from saying women should “bear responsibility” for being raped to calling them “man’s property” and claiming depression isn’t real.

He runs Hustler’s University, an online learning platform where he charges people to allegedly teach them how to get rich. Outrage against Tate has recently grown, and people are now calling for social media platforms to take action against him.

According to The Guardian, thousands of Tate’s Hustlers University subscribers attempted to flood TikTok with videos of him in order to trick the algorithm into increasing his popularity.


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