Is The New Dahmer Show Accurate? Who Killed Him, Brother, Still Alive?

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan co-created the American limited biographical crime drama series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which had its Netflix debut on September 21, 2022.The show is recounted from the perspective of the victims of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who is portrayed by Evan Peters.

Is The New Dahmer Show Accurate?

Is Zac Efron accurately portraying a despicable man who was, by some accounts, thought to be darkly attractive? This intriguing question permeated the online aether as fans of “High School Musical” saw, for the first time, this incredibly muscular and undeniably handsome actor embodying one of the most vicious killers ever caught. Or is he only a component of a sensationalised endeavour that aims to turn a horrifying true tale into a seductive Hollywood production fit for America’s insatiable mania for murderers?

Even while it lies at the centre of every true crime effort, it can be difficult to provide a precise response. Yes, people love viewing dramatisations of true tragedies for a variety of reasons, but does this mean that these undertakings are intrinsically unethical?

The powerful mind behind Netflix’s most recent foray into dramatised true crime, “MONSTER — The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” Ryan Murphy, the writer, director, producer, and creator of countless hit TV shows (including “American Horror Story,” “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” and “Glee”), was undoubtedly thinking about this conundrum. The show is already receiving intense online discussion, but viewers may be curious about how much of the story truly occurred, and potential viewers may be questioning if the story is as dramatic as it seems.

Who killed Dahmer?

Scarver was given two further life terms after being found competent to stand trial for the murders of Dahmer and Anderson. It was decided that he wasn’t qualified for parole.

About Dahmer’s Brother

Few people are aware that Jeffrey Dahmer had a younger brother, though. David, his younger brother who was born almost seven years after Jeffrey, is only briefly referenced in the series, leaving viewers to wonder what happened to the younger Dahmer.

Well, David sort of vanished off the face of the planet in the 1990s once his brother’s crimes were exposed. He has a very covert life today.

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Still alive?

By the time Jeffrey was detained in 1991, David had earned his degree from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. According to The Cinemaholic, he made the decision to “break all relations” with his brother and skipped his brother’s trial and hearings.

As of June 2004, the last time his life was publicly updated, David has a career and at least two children. According to Distractify, Shari, the stepmother of Lionel and David, appeared on Larry King Live and provided very little information regarding her younger step-son.

David had his name legally changed, Lionel also noted during the conversation. But, according to The Cinemaholic, that was the last time the family spoke about David in public.

And David, who now goes by a different name, has remained silent.


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