Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery Update, Booking Photo, Costa Rica

Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery
Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery

Kaitlin Armstrong was arrested on June 29 after being declared the primary suspect in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old cyclist Anna Morian Wilson in Texas.

According to a press release from the US Marshals Service, Armstrong was apprehended at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in Costa Rica’s Provincia de Puntarenas. The government also stated that Armstrong, 34, who was deemed a fugitive, would be deported and repatriated to her home country.

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who was apprehended Wednesday at a hostel in Santa Teresa Beach, left behind two passports and a $6,350 ticket for cosmetic surgery under “another name,” according to a witness.

Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery Update, Booking Photo, Costa Rica

The witness also stated that something appeared to have happened to her face.

“She had blood in her nostrils and a bandage on her nose,” Zachary Paulsen told the newspaper.

Armstrong was found with a bandage on her nose and bruising around her eyes, according to federal officials in the United States.

She had also chopped her hair short and colored it a darker brown.

“She was just inquiring how to travel around inexpensively, and then the cops showed up,” Paulsen explained to Inside Edition.

Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery

According to Inside Edition, Armstrong was staying at Don Jon’s Surf and Yoga Lodge under a different identity and presumably studying new yoga, potentially to instruct again.

Paulsen stated that following Armstrong’s arrest, he discovered things in a locker that included her passport, a second passport belonging to her sister Christine, and the cosmetic surgery voucher.

Deputy US Marshal Brandon Filla earlier stated that Armstrong boarded an aircraft from Newark, NJ to Costa Rica last month using a legal, active passport belonging to someone with “extremely similar physical descriptors.” He didn’t specify who had the passport or how Armstrong obtained it.

Cops think Armstrong killed 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson in an Austin home on May 11 in a jealous rage about the cyclist’s relationship with Armstrong’s boyfriend. Wilson had just spent the day swimming and dining with Armstrong’s partner, elite cyclist Colin Strickland, who had a relationship with Wilson previously.

Wilson, who was in town from San Francisco for a race, told investigators that he dated Strickland last fall while he was on the outs with Armstrong. Armstrong’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee was observed on a security camera outside a friend’s house shortly after Strickland left Wilson off there on the night of her murder, according to investigators.

Kaitlin Armstrong Booking Photo

Armstrong is brought to a holding cell in a booking photo provided by the Ministerio de Seguridad Publica de Costa Rica, wearing shorts and an orange T-shirt and displaying her newly colored brown hair.

Wilson, 25, was one of the country’s best cyclists when she was killed in Austin on May 11 after going out to dinner with fellow cycling pro-Strickland – reportedly behind Armstrong’s back.

Kaitlin Armstrong Costa Rica

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong was discovered in a hostel in Costa Rica on Wednesday, according to authorities. She faces extradition to the US on murder charges in the killing of Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who was shot on May 11.

Wilson dated Armstrong’s boyfriend, a professional cyclist, for a short time, and investigators believe romantic jealousy was a motivating factor.
The following is a timeline of the case, from Wilson’s death until Armstrong’s capture as a 34-year-old real estate agent and yoga teacher from Austin, Texas.

Wilson is discovered dead with several gunshot wounds at a friend’s house. She had informed a friend that she was going swimming with Colin Strickland, 35, a professional cyclist and Armstrong’s lover. According to an arrest affidavit filed in Travis County District Court, he told officers that he and Wilson swam and ate dinner before dropping her off at a friend’s house.
Armstrong is apprehended by Austin police on an unrelated warrant on May 12. They release her after discovering that the warrant is defective.


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