Limp Bizkit Woodstock 99 Setlist, Break Stuff, Controversy, Full Concert Video

American rap rock group Limp Bizkit hails from Jacksonville, Florida. Its members are Wes Borland (drums), John Otto (drums), Sam Rivers (bass), Fred Durst (lead vocals), and DJ Lethal (turntables) (guitars, vocals). Borland’s aural experiments and Durst’s agitated vocal style distinguish the band’s sound.

Limp Bizkit Setlist For Woodstock 99

Setlist for Limp Bizkit at Woodstock in 1999 on July 24:

Just like this,Show me what you got,Counterfeit,Nine teen 90 Nine,Thiefs,Stuck,Re-arrange,Break Stuff,Nookie and Faith.

Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff

Break Stuff” is the fourth and final single from American rap rock band Limp Bizkit’s second studio album Significant Other. It is a nu metal and rap metal song (1999). Along with “N 2 Gether Now,” the song was published, and it has since been a mainstay of Limp Bizkit live performances.

Limp Bizkit Controversy

Cash Money Records acquired Limp Bizkit. Durst, Lethal, and Otto got into a fight about the latter two’s alleged ongoing drug and alcohol use, and DJ Lethal stormed out of the band in a rage.

DJ Lethal later apologised to the band on Twitter, but was eventually barred from rejoining the group.

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Limp Bizkut’s Woodstock 99 Full concert video

You can watch full live concert of Limp at woodstock 99 from link below:


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