Maggie Wilson and Georgina Wilson Relationship: Are They Related or Not?

Maggie Wilson and Georgina Wilson Relationship
Maggie Wilson and Georgina Wilson Relationship

Maggie Wilson is a beauty queen, businesswoman, and actress from the Philippines. The actress is incredibly lovely, and it is through her that he has created her career.

The 33-year-old actress has appeared in a variety of programs. She is most known for her roles in Beauty Queen, Asian Treasures, Joaquin Bordado, and Encantadia. The actress married in 2010 and has since given birth to one son.

Wilson earns money via television ads and advertising for many fashions, travel, and cosmetics companies, among other things, in addition to her acting profession.

Maggie Wilson and Georgina Wilson are sisters. Maggie Wilson is the sister of?
Maggie Wilson and Georgina Wilson are sisters. They are not, however, sisters.

Maggie has a sister called Elizabeth Naples Wilson, about whom little is known but her name. Georgina also has a sister called Jess Wilson, who is a co-founder of the eyewear company Sunnies.

Jessica Wilson is Georgina Wilson’s sister.

Georgina and Maggie are both TV celebrities, actors, models, and beauty pageants in their own country. Formerly, Filipinos in the United Kingdom, and later, Filipinos in the Philippines. Maggie is the Binibining Pilipinas World 2007 winner, while Georgina is the Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific International 2006 winner.

Both TV personalities have the same father, Robert Wilson, which may be the basis for the confusion about whether they are sisters or not.

Maggie Wilson’s Marriage and Husband

Maggie Wilson, a Filipino actress, and television personality married Victor Consunji on December 18, 2010. Connor, the couple’s first child, was born in the year 2012. In September 2021, they divorced.

They met via a mutual acquaintance and began dating shortly after. Vitor, on the other hand, used to stalk the actress, and she was aware of his following her. It seemed tough for the businessman since she did not like him at first.

Victor Consunji, Maggie Wilson’s spouse

During the interview, he admitted the reality and said that he fell in love at first sight with her and knew he was going to marry her on their first date. They were married after kissing one other in the rain in 2010.

Victor is a Filipino entrepreneur and the owner of DMCI, a company that specializes in engineering construction and real estate services. Aside from his company, he was well-known for his marathon running.

Maggie’s spouse was born and reared in the Philippines’ Makati City by a wealthy family; his father, David Consunji, was the former owner of the DMCI. According to Showbiz Corner, his grandpa, Victor Consunji, created the corporation.

According to the 2022 update, the Director of DMCI has a net worth of $15 million. He inherited both the family fortune and the family company.

Maggie Wilson is a well-known actress.

Maggie Wilson, the Filipino beauty queen, is also a television actor, having appeared in over 15 TV programmes and films over her career.

She made her acting debut in 2004 as a part of the GMA Network television show Kakabakaba Adventure. She worked in three separate television programmes on the same channel in 2005. She has featured in a number of dramas and operas since her debut.

Maggie Wilson is an actress who has appeared in over 15 programmes over her career.

Maggie first appears in the Philippine romance drama Let the Love Begin in 2005. In the 2011 suspense thriller film Babang Luksa, she played Shery.

She was nominated for Best Tv Villian for her outstanding portrayal as the main character in Saang Sulok ng Langit. In 2007, she was named Miss World Philippines, giving her attractiveness an advantage in the film business.

The Filipino beauty appeared in the variety programmes My Guardian Abby, Darna, and Beauty Queen as a key cast member. Her television credits include All Together Now, Asian Treasure, and Joaquin Bordado.

Wilson also earns money via television commercials and ads for numerous beauty product companies, tourism, clothing, and many other things. She has also appeared in publications such as UNo, Lifestyle Asia, Manual, and Candy.


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