Man Shot Dead Sitting In Car Who is Remsley Eisden from Dordrecht? Age, Wiki-Bio

Remsley Eisden is from Dordrecht in Zuid-Holland. The man left Curacao when he was 15 and settled in the Netherlands. He said in a video message last year that he was living a happy life in the Netherlands while raising his kids there.

Man Shot Dead , What happened!

According to Dutch police, a 36-year-old man was shot and killed early on Sunday in Dordrecht while he was in his car. Witnesses reported hearing several rounds fired quickly one after the other. There have been no reported arrests. The incident led the mayor to close a nearby eatery.

Remsley Eisden, a resident of Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, was named as the victim, according to the police.

On Sunday about 2:30 a.m., a shooting occurred on Van den Tempelstraat. Before the police came, the culprits had already fled the site. While conducting a search of the neighbourhood and securing the area, forensic investigators discovered numerous shot casings.

The gunshots had left extensive damage to the victim’s vehicle. According to a picture released by officials, there were at least 14 evidence tags placed on the roadway to identify the locations where evidence was discovered.

Witnesses reported hearing numerous gunshots to local media agencies. In eight seconds of purported security camera footage from the Van den Tempelstraat shooting scene, at least 12 gunfire can be heard.

Although paramedics and officers arrived quickly, nothing could be done to help, according to the police. They urged anyone with details regarding the incident or video footage from the scene to get in touch with police right away.

Eisden claimed he relocated to the Netherlands to be with his mother and three older brothers in a video that was put online in July 2021. His mother returned to Curacao once he and his siblings were settled and enjoying comfortable lives, according to Eisden.

“I’m not interested in returning to Curacao. Everything is right here. My family, my home, my job, and my kids. Every time I spend eight days on Curacao, I yearn to return home.

Wouter Kloff, the mayor of Dordrecht, issued an order to close a cafe that was close to the crime scene later on Sunday. There was no official statement made on any connection between the event and the Bagatelle III cafe on Thorbeckeweg.

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Kolff declared, “This is a serious occurrence where someone has died. Additionally, there has been considerable disruption of public order. He expressed his condolences to Eisden’s surviving relatives and friends and mentioned how the occurrence had shaken the locals.

“I have chosen to close the aforementioned cafe for at least two weeks in order to restore public order, neighbourhood harmony, and partially in response to a request from the police.”


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