Who Are Maris Mareen Digiovanni & Brent Allan Hallett? What Happened, All Details

Who Are Maris Mareen Digiovanni & Brent Allan Hallett? What Happened, All Details
Who Are Maris Mareen Digiovanni & Brent Allan Hallett? What Happened, All Details

The two victims of a large-scale stabbing rampage on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada have been identified as Brent Allan Hallett and Maris Mareen DiGiovanni.

According to an ABC 13 reporter, several of the victims of the stabbings were Las Vegas showgirls. Tourists and locals of Las Vegas were among the victims. DiGiovanni taught first grade at the 9th Bridge School in Las Vegas.

All You Need To Know About What Happened To Maris Mareen Digiovanni & Brent Allan Hallett

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, DiGiovanni, 30, and Hallett, 47, were both natives of Las Vegas.

On Facebook, Gage DiGiovanni wrote an homage to his sister. He commented, “It is with tremendous regret that we bid my wonderful little sister farewell and see you later.”

“Maris was one of the eight victims that were randomly stabbed in Las Vegas today. For our family and her spouse, kindly pray. She affected your lives as she did ours, and we appreciate the time to grieve in the days to come.

According to her Facebook page, DiGiovanni had resided in Hong Kong and was married to a veteran of the military.

The incident, which started at 11:40 a.m. local time, included eight victims in all, according to Las Vegas police. At the time of Chacoubry, both residents and visitors were participating, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a press conference on Thursday.

According to Deputy Chief James LaRochelle, the initial strikes to the sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard seemed to be random.

He said that after stabbing five more people, the suspects fled south and attacked a second guy on Sands Avenue. It is not yet known how or when the eighth victim was stabbed.

One individual was declared dead at the scene, according to the police, while another passed away after being brought to University Medical Center in southern Nevada. Three victims have been admitted to the hospital, according to the police, and their conditions are critical.

The two fatalities have been named as Maris Marine DiGiovanni, 30, and 47-year-old Brent Allen Hallett, both of Las Vegas, by the Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner.

A 30-year-old guy Yoni Barrios who had recently arrived in Las Vegas is a suspect, according to LaRochelle. He said that the police were trying to identify those offenders.

The huge kitchen knife that was used in the crime, according to police, has been found on the scene.

The murder’s motivation has not yet been determined, according to the authorities.

After notifying the victims’ relatives, the sheriff stated they will be named.

Lombardo called the attack scene “stable,” despite the fact that police claimed there was now no known threat to the public.

“Absolutely sorry to learn of the passing of Maris Jordan,” another friend commented. one of the kindest, craziest, and sweetest girls you’ll ever meet! I sincerely appreciate the warmth you have brought into our life.

Can’t believe it, wrote another man. RIP Michael Jordan I’ll never forget how much fun we had together! You were a fantastic guy and a constant beacon of pleasure! too quickly

In a press briefing on October 6, 2022, Las Vegas police Capt. Dori Koren stated that there were a total of eight casualties, with two of them having passed away and the remaining three being in serious condition. The other victims seem to be doing okay, he added. At the scene, a kitchen knife was discovered. In custody is the suspect.

Koren refused to disclose whether the victims were street entertainers or showgirls. It’s unclear how many of the deceased were showgirls according to those accounts, which were based on interviews with witnesses at the site with local media.

The guy was detained in front of the Venetian and had “blood on his sleeves,” according to KTNV-TV. One person was described as “appearing to have been stabbed at the Fashion Mall and was ‘lying on the ground among the stores'” by that station, citing a witness.

Dewaun Turner, 47, who saw five of the stabbings, described to the Review-Journal two women running while a guy with a knife followed them. One of them hit the ground and was stabbed. The suspect, according to him, then stabbed a male who was out with a girlfriend. According to Turner, the perpetrator then stabbed two more victims.

According to a tweet from a local journalist, the stabbings happened as the showgirls were roaming the strip and posing for pictures with tourists.

I recently spoke with a Montreal visitor who claimed to have witnessed at least two showgirls being stabbed on the Strip. The showgirls stroll the Strip to chat with tourists and take their pictures. Reporter Joe Moeller of ABC 13 tweeted, “He provided photo below of one being taken away on a stretcher @KTNV.

“#BREAKING I’m talking to a woman who claims to employ 4 wounded showgirls. We are now awaiting information from Metro @KTNV. “She said the suspect had a knife, pretended to be a chef, and wanted to take a photo with the showgirls. When they said no, that is when the stabbings started,” he tweeted.

“At this time, caution tape is obstructing the Strip on the north and west sides of Palazzo,” continued Moeller. Showgirls I spoke with the claim there were several places where the stabbings occurred @KTNV.

Multiple victims received help, according to Koren, and the culprit was immediately apprehended. Two of the victims have regrettably passed away, according to Koren.

Despite a portion of Las Vegas Boulevard being closed for investigation, “the scene is under control.”

There are no longer any safety worries, he claimed. The object was characterized as a “big kitchen knife” by him.

The mass stabbing incident, according to Reuters, took place in front of a casino on the Las Vegas Strip.


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