Michel Janse Ex Husband Brooke Smith Separated, Have They Moved On?

The films My All-American – Die Hoffnung stirbt nie (2015), Stage V (2016), and Manchester High 2: Nobody Heard Me Cry are among Michel Janse’s best-known works as an actress from the United States (2013). Michel Janse was born on March 19, 1997, in Boerne, Texas, in the United States. Michel Janse is the same age as in 2022, at 25.

American actress Brooke Smith is best known for playing Dr. Erica Hahn on the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, Sheriff Jane Greene on the A&E horror series Bates Motel, and Catherine Martin in the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs. She has also had roles in other films and appeared as a guest star or regular on numerous television series, such as Big Sky and Them.

Michel Janse Ex Husband Brooke Smith Separated!

The YouTuber brought up Brook Smith, her ex-husband, and the details of their divorce in a video that was published in March 2022. She also touched on the subject of his extramarital affairs.

Additionally, Michel unveiled a 33-minute movie in which she explains her marriage, including how it started and what went wrong. Janse summed up the events that caused her marriage to end by claiming that her ex-husband had duped her to the point where she mistakenly believed the relationship was breaking down owing to some mistake on her part.

She also admitted that Brook had cheated on her, and she stated that she didn’t think the relationship was keeping her safe from harm. The YouTuber discussed her divorce from Brook Smith and brought up the issue of his infidelity during the relationship in a video that was published in March 2022.

Additionally, the actress mentioned in the video that things began to go south approximately a year and a half before the couple decided to call it quits on their union. At that point, Smith started acting strangely, controlling her, and generally making her life miserable.

After learning that his wife had lied to him and receiving threats of physical violence, Michel made the decision to end their marriage by filing for divorce.

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Have They Moved On?

Michel Janse divorced Brooke Smith in the past and is now wed to Jordy Searcy in 2022.

You can tell that she is courting Jordy by looking at her Instagram posts because she frequently features him in romantic photos. That demonstrates her courtship of him. The YouTuber revealed in a post that she had a date with Searcy in March 2022 and decided to keep seeing him because they had such a good time together.

Jordy, who is wooing Janse, is a singer and musician who frequently performs off-stage at various musical events. The couple has been together for six months at this point. On June 16, the actress posted the first photo of the two of them together to Instagram along with the message, “I’d need you to meet Jordy.”

They went on their first date as a pair in the month of March. They decided to continue doing it because they found it to be both enjoyable and gratifying. Even though it’s currently difficult to summarise the last six months using just ten photographs, she gave it her best shot.


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