Ondriel Smith Trial Verdict: Tulsa Man Sentenced To Death

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Ondriel Smith Trial Verdict: Tulsa Man Sentenced To Death
Ondriel Smith Trial Verdict: Tulsa Man Sentenced To Death

Ondriel Smith, a Tulsa resident, was sentenced to death. Ondriel Smith was found guilty of a double homicide at his trial. Learn more about the shooting incident.

In September 2018, Odriel Smith allegedly shot and killed two brothers, Keith and Glynn Williams.

Tulsa Man Sentenced To Death Verdict

When he was assigned to the Tulsa County Jail, he was involved or associated with a series of assaults and attacks on the jail employees, which culminated and were then added to his criminal records.

The accused individual had more than six criminal counts filed against him, and the authorities wanted a harsh punishment due to his reckless behavior in prison.

The head of the police and prison authority argued for Ondriel’s execution for violating prison rules and endangering the safety of an insider officer.

Smith is also accused of sabotaging a vicious sequel around the same period. According to court records, he attempted to kill two detained officials when they held onto his marijuana, cellphone, and charger, all of which were considered loot, resulting in a charge of possession of prohibited items. In addition, Smith was detected with methamphetamine in prison on September 11, according to a third case.

In August of this year, before distinct cases, examiners accused Smith of mixed lead. Around the same time, he and another detainee were charged of bothering threatening behavior. According to records, he had two additional complaints lodged against him by December, stating that he threw body liquids on Tulsa County prison officials, and he was accused of a similar claim again in July.

Ondriel Smith’s Trial Verdict: Double Murder Charge

Ondriel Smith, a Tulsa resident, has been charged with double homicide for the deaths of the Williams brothers in 2018.

The naive brothers were attacked in a parking lot facility in the 5600 block of East Skelly Drive.

The District Attorney of the council where Ondriel was imprisoned, Steve Kunzweiler, indicated that the individual had a history of criminal records.

The officer at the higher table mentioned how his department desired the death penalty for the individual who had no humanity left in him.

Ondriel was found guilty of jail misbehavior criminal and was involved in the shooting of five people in just 33 days.

Two of the five people shot were killed in that heinous crime.

Ondriel had previously been charged with shooting his ex-partner following minor disagreements in her leg.

He also assaulted and shot another individual with the aim to murder him.

The divided mind murdered Keith first, then assaulted Glynn, who was there at the crime scene and could have been used as evidence in Ondriel’s arrest.

Ondriel Smith, a convicted murderer, was sentenced to death.
Ondriel Smith sparked a large commotion in Tulsa County Prison on September 15, 2020, after punching and assaulting a custody officer.

In addition, he threatened to kill two other custody officers who had taken his contraband and charger.

After the District Attorney spent a year pleading for Ondriel’s criminal attitude, he was finally sentenced to death.

He had more than a dozen horrific crime records to his name, which led to the savage murder of Keith and Glynn Williams.

Details About Ondriel Smith’s Wife And Family

Ondriel Smith’s marital status, as well as his prospective family members and connections, are unknown.

The felon was once accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a domestic violence case before shooting her in the leg.

The public records are devoid of information on his parents, their whereabouts, and specifics about his probable children.


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