Ramon Nieves Guilty Or Innocent? Where Is He Now?

Ramon Nieves Guilty Or Innocent? Where Is He Now?
Ramon Nieves Guilty Or Innocent? Where Is He Now?

Ramon Nieves, a former Ohio University student, is a defendant in the Alex Andrews shooting case.

On July 30, 2020, an Athens County Grand Jury accused Ramon Nieves, 26, of Akron, a suspect in a 2017 gunshot case and a former student of Ohio University, of tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony, and vandalism, a fifth-degree felony.

Nieves is a defendant in a shooting case, which is the source of the claims. Nieves was the prime suspect in the January 19, 2017 shooting that left Alex Andrews, the owner of Thunder Bunny Tattoo Parlor, blind and gravely wounded.

Who Is Ohio’s Ramon Nieves?

Nieves had previously attended Ohio University but did not complete her studies there. According to authorities, he subsequently resided in Columbus and Brooklyn, New York, and is presently sought outside of Cambridge, Ohio.

According to US Marshals Service records, Nieves was caught on October 2 in Columbus with the assistance of the Athens Police Department. According to the Messenger, Andrews was shot through his kitchen window on January 19, 2017.

Andrews was shot with a shotgun, suffering injuries to his face, neck, chest, and stomach from birdshot and buckshot. As a consequence of the tragedy, Andrews had two surgeries and is now virtually blind in his left eye.

Nieves is the prime suspect in the shooting that left Thunder Bunny Tattoo Parlor owner Alex Andrews blind and severely crippled on January 19, 2017.

Is Ramon Nieves guilty or innocent?

In October 2019, he pled not guilty to a charge of second-degree criminal assault. Nieves was granted permission on June 16 to accept a reduced bond from the one he was given on October 9, 2019.

Nieves initially obtained $100,000 bail (with no 10% permitted), but Judge Patrick Lang imposed many conditions.

Ramon Nieves
Ramon Nieves

He was made to wear an ankle monitor and was put under house arrest at his current Cambridge address. He was also told to avoid any contact with the victim, Alex Andrews. Furthermore, Nieves’ legal team requested that he be allowed to go from his house to a hospital in Cambridge for frequent exams.

The new bond includes all prior terms, including the installation of an ankle monitor, and has a $150,000 maximum amount and a 10% tolerance. The previous bail was revoked due to a tamper warning from his ankle monitor found early on June 12, 2020.

Ramon Nieves, How old is He?

Ramon will be 28 years old in 2022. The most recent allegations, which revolve around Nieves’ mobile phone, are for vandalism and tampering with evidence.

The search warrant, which was issued on June 15, 2020, will include his phone. The agreement states that “Mr. Nieves’ mobile phone includes evidence of the conduct of the criminal act of felonious assault,” which the Athens County Sheriff’s Office believes on “good grounds.”

Maxwell Hiltner, Nieves’ Akron-based lawyer, challenged the search, claiming that it violated the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.

Hiltner noted that the claimed attack occurred more than three years ago and that there is inadequate proof to support Neives’ claim that the alleged assault is still on her mobile phone.

Ramon Nieves’ family and wife information

Because the government hasn’t given any family information to the public in the years afterwards, many on the Internet still don’t know who Ramon Nieves’ wife is.

Most of the time, Ramon does not want anybody to know anything about his family. He is 28 years old in 2022, thus many people believe he is not married. However, there is no credible source to back up the preceding allegation.

He is now supposed to be living with his family in Akron. However, no information on his family members has been published on the internet.

What happened to Ramon Neves of Athens, Ohio?

For the time being, Ramon Neves is living at his Akron home under the authority’s supervision. He is not permitted to quit his post without first alerting the court.

In addition, he is required to appear in court anytime the court wants his presence in connection with the 2017 shooting incident.

His defense counsel, on the other hand, requested that he be permitted to leave the house to attend medical visits at Cambridge Hospital. Meanwhile, many people are asking whether he is still in jail.

In 2019, the grand jury put several limitations on Ramon and placed him under home arrest. Furthermore, the Athens County grand jury prepared for him to be arrested for the second time on suspicion of tampering with evidence and sabotage.


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