Simon Horsman Net Worth, Wife, Income Source, Company Info

In the US, Simon Horsman is a very well-known movie producer. He was born in California, a state in the United States.

Along with it, he and Jeffrey Soros established the Los Angeles Media Fund. Simon has also practised law in California (as well as the UK) for more than 25 years, during which time he has defended some of the most prominent media and technology firms in the world.

Simon Horsman Net Worth

According to statistics, Simon Horsman currently has a net worth of $6 million. Despite this, it is predicted that by 2022, his net worth will increase into the tens of millions of dollars.

He is a well-known producer and has a large crew, according to the allegations. In addition, he has more than 25 years of experience practising law in California (as well as the UK), where he has represented some of the most renowned media and technology firms worldwide.

Simon’s Wife

No reliable information is available about Simon’s wife on the web.

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Income Source, Company Info

The most recent information indicates that Simon Horsmon is one of the people who helped build LAMF worldwide enterprises. Everton Football Club has been the subject of preliminary talks with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) LAMF Global Ventures, which is led by Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman. These talks have explored the possibility of LAMF Global Ventures owning the club.

Similar to this, Simon was actively involved in the sale of Price Grabber for $485 million while serving as vice president and general counsel for the business in 2003. Similar to this, Simon held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Future Films (US), a well-known film financing company at the time. He was in charge of building up funds and organising funding for independent movies in this capacity.

He has been the Co-CEO of the Los Angeles Media Fund, a business that offers a full array of production and financial services, since 2014. In a similar vein, Simon is a partner in Beyond Athlete Management, a sports agency that represents a variety of athletes, and he also serves as co-chair of InventTV, a sizable unscripted production firm.

A production and financing firm for entertainment and media, LAMF organises and supports live performances in a variety of genres, including music, theatre, sports, and more. The business is privately owned and run, and its main objective is to offer a range of services to the entertainment industry.

The Los Angeles Media Fund, a business that will provide comprehensive production and financing services for the entertainment industry, is rumoured to have been founded by Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman, both of whom have extensive experience working in the entertainment industry as producers and financiers. In 2014, Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman founded Los Angeles Media Fund, a multifaceted entertainment firm. The creation, financing, and production of movies, documentaries, and television programmes are the company’s main priorities.


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