Watch: Drew Barrymore’s Viral Video Has Surprised The Netizens

Drew Barrymore's Viral Video
Drew Barrymore's Viral Video

Due to a brief but impassioned stroll in the rain, a video of the actor—the most genuine person ever to grace daytime television—has gone viral. The Charlie Angels actress recorded a selfie video of herself smiling outdoors, staring up at the sky, and getting soaked. She removes her spectacles and shakes her head with joy at one point.

“Go out into the rain whenever you can,” Barrymore says in the video, which was later uploaded to TikTok. “DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY,” she said. The video then finishes.

Drew Barrymore’s Viral Video

Check out the video below:

Drew’s optimistic rain vibes got the internet buzzing over the weekend. On Twitter, her name started to trend:

Barrymore was raised in a household of Hollywood celebrities and started performing as a toddler. She got hooked to drugs and alcohol at an early age and entered treatment at the age of 13, prompting people to admire her strength and ability to channel her “inner child.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Barrymore has shared a video of herself strolling in the rain. In May, she posted a video of herself standing inside, soaking wet. “If it’s pouring wherever you are, simply run out in it.” Don’t pass up this chance.”

Barrymore and her infectious cheerfulness went viral again in June when she tweeted a video about discovering a window in her New York City apartment while renovating. To say the least, the Flower Beauty creator was moved by the discovery of the window.

Barrymore howled like a dog at the moon before the window reveal, and she burst into tears as the window was revealed behind the dry wall. “I knew there had to be a window here,” she said. “I had a feeling.”

The Drew Barrymore Show got renewed for a third season earlier this year. The series premiered in 2020, shortly as production resumed after COVID shutdowns.

“I was making adjustments in my own life that, strangely, were actually helping me think that people can change.” “I wasn’t as much a prisoner of my own problems,” Barrymore told The Washington Post in a report on her play in April. “I was so relieved to be free of that for a change and to know that whatever comes my way, I’ll find out how to manage it rather than feeling threatened.” I mean, isn’t that a fantastic moment for anything like this?”


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