Watch: Mcdonald’s Viral Video Have Surprised The Netizens Around Globe!

Mcdonald Viral Video
Mcdonald Viral Video

A new video depicting a mother arguing with her baby daddy over getting McDonald’s for just one of her children has divided Twitter users.

The video does not show the woman or the man’s faces, but we can hear them screaming at each other outside the former’s house.

They also curse each other while bickering about who is responsible for feeding all of her children.

“He brings food for his child but not for her other children,” reads the overlay text in the popular video.

As the baby daddy arrives outside her residence, we can hear the woman describe the issue.

“My baby daddy arrived with one fg dinner for my child, but I have three other children.” We have one child, but he only wants to come to McDonald’s and bring one item. “But what about my other children?” she asks.

Mcdonald Viral Video

As the baby daddy approaches her front door, the woman points to the supper and remarks that there does not appear to be enough for all of her children.

The father goes on to clarify that he is not attempting to help her and is only concerned with helping his son.

The wife insists that he should have purchased McDonald’s for all of the children because they are his child’s siblings. She refuses to let her child to accompany his father to the car and eat the food.

“Where are their fathers?” the man wonders at one point. “You have the other kids, they are your duty,” he continues.

As the two continued to argue, the lady adds to the baby daddy, “You knew what you were getting into when you had a baby with me.”

Finally, the woman grabs the McDonald’s takeout and tosses it to the ground.


The viral dispute divided Twitter, with some users supporting the mother and others supporting the baby daddy.

“It’s simply the moral thing to do to buy McDonald’s for all the kids in the house.” Nobody is going to ask him to pay for the other kids’ education; it would be absurd. He could have just taken his child out to lunch if he didn’t want to buy anything for the other kids. “It’s simple,” commented one user.

“Why isn’t she asking the other children’s fathers to bring them McDonald’s as well?” Or, even better, have them rotate. “He takes care of all four on Tuesday, the second dad takes care of them on Thursday, and the next one takes care of them on Saturday, and so on,” said another user.

“I look at the dad bringing his child to McDonald’s from both perspectives. He’s not required because the other kids aren’t his, but gosh, letting one kid eat in front of other hungry kids is insane to me. “I’m not sure, but the mama definitely needs to do better,” another user commented.


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