Watch Now Santi Millan Video Completo Youtube

Santi Millan Video Completo Youtube
Santi Millan Video Completo Youtube

Santi Millan is a Spanish actor whose video has been widely circulated on social media. As we all know, in this internet age, anything can go viral in a matter of seconds, and Santi Millan’s video was no exception.

That was a private film of him with someone who was not his wife. This kind of stuff, like Santi Millan, ruins the image of an influencer. He is a highly popular person, and he has a lot of fans, yet this case makes him feel bad.

Santi Millan is a Spanish actor who was born in Barcelona in September 1968. Following his schooling and other activities, he continued his passion for performing and joined a theatre in 1989 to begin his acting career.

He suffered a lot in his acting profession and finally obtained employment around 2002 after a lot of hard effort and bagged work. He appears in several little television series and gains fans and job experience. In 2009, he married Rosa Olucha, a producer.

Full Viral Video of Santi Millan

Everyone, including other social media artists and renowned influencers, has to respond to their fans and the media, but when the media and fans ask about the leaked video, Santi Millan has to respond.


He just did not respond to the allegations leveled against him as a result of the released footage. He looks the same full, but not answering the question doesn’t prove you right. As we all know, we all need a proper answer for what happened, and those are media and fan queries, which he simply disregarded.

Intimate Private Clip of Santi Millan

Santi Millan married Rosa Olucha, a producer, in 2009. They met several times at work and eventually married after a long period of time.

They’ve got two kids. And both of them are employed. Santi Millan is a well-known Spanish movie actor who began his career in television shows and progressed to become one of the most popular performers in the country.

Santi Millan’s Girlfriend’s Name and Instagram Account

Santi Millan’s wife just posted a story on social media regarding Santi Millan’s video leak, and in the video, she simply says that she doesn’t trust him. She expresses her rage and declares that he is unworthy.

Rosa Olucha, Santi Millan’s wife, is a producer. They married in 2009 and have two children. Rosa has stated that she does not trust in her husband, and it is evident that he is with someone else in a video that has been leaked and watched by the entire globe.


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