What Happened to Baby Kate? Suicide or Murder, Full Story

The youngest child of Jane and David Read and the younger sister of Arthur and D.W. Read is Kate Read, also referred to as Baby Kate.

Like her parents and siblings, Kate is an aardvark. She is dressed in a pink shirt, green pyjama trousers, white pull-ups, a light green bow, and a hair clip.

What happened to Baby Kate?

One of the most heartbreaking murder cases of the early 2010s was the terrible tale of “Baby Kate,” real name Katherine Phillips. When she was only four and a half months old, the child, who was from Ludington, Michigan, went missing and was assumed dead in 2011. Unfortunately, her body was never found. However, five years after Baby Kate vanished, her father was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Suicide or Murder!, Full Story

According to True Crime Daily, Phillips was found guilty of second-degree murder in December 2016 and was given a jail term ranging from 19 to 45 years. Althoughj it hasn’t been proven, computer forensic professionals have argued about whether or not this was premeditated. Many people are hopeful that Phillips will eventually point authorities in the direction of the child’s body, which has still not been located.

According to CBS Detroit, police believed they had discovered Baby Kate’s body in a Massachusetts river in July 2015. However, it has since been determined that the body in question is unrelated to Baby Kate.

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Additionally, according to ABC, Courtland still desired to wed Phillips in 2012 despite the fact that he had been convicted. It’s unclear, though, if they actually got married.

According to Up North Live, Phillips also submitted his fourth appeal in April 2018; nevertheless, it was turned down. Sadly, Baby Kate’s body has still not been located as of 2020.


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