What Happened To Destiny Benedict & Where Is She Now?

What Happened To Destiny Benedict & Where Is She Now?
What Happened To Destiny Benedict & Where Is She Now?

‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet,’ a three-part docuseries on Netflix, centers on Hunter Moore and his infamous website. He managed a website where users would share personal images of others without their consent between 2010 and 2012.

Not only that, but the website gave information on the individual whose photographs were posted. Destiny Benedict, a cam model, got pulled into the website after an unfortunate turn of events and shared her story on the show. So, if you’re curious about how she’s doing these days, here’s what we know.

Who is Destiny Benedict?

Destiny Benedict said on the episode that she met Hunter Moore when she was 19 years old. She thought he was intriguing at the moment and tried to get his attention.

Destiny believed he could manipulate people to do what he desired. She wanted to leave her mother’s home as a 19-year-old and be more independent, to be on her own. Destiny said that one of her pals recommended she try her hand at webcam modeling.

Destiny gradually started to earn enough money to sustain herself and her children. Then, at some time, another buddy mentioned Hunter’s website, and she reasoned that being included on it would help bring traffic to her cam modeling employment.

So Destiny quickly emailed her naked pictures. According to the program, she was on a webcam chat with some buddies afterward, and they challenged her to stick anything in her anus. One of them grabbed a screenshot, which he later uploaded on Hunter’s website.

Destiny subsequently discovered that her Facebook information, as well as photographs of her children, had been shared. Destiny pondered on the program and why she didn’t delete the photographs despite knowing what Hunter’s website did. She said that she had not considered it at the time.

When Hunter refused to remove her children’s images, Destiny believed the only way to persuade him was to publish more. So she did what Hunter instructed, drawing more attention to herself in the process.

However, because of Destiny’s connection to Hunter’s website, she said that her children’s dads were no longer at ease. They believed that the children would be better off without her. According to the episode, this caused Destiny to experience melancholy and excessive drinking. During one such incident, she was on a Skype call with Hunter, who requested her to repeat what she had done before. Despite her discomfort, she accepted, and Hunter videotaped it without her permission.

What happened to Destiny Benedict?

Destiny said on the program that the video was put online and had over a million views, but she was never compensated for it. Hunter Moore was eventually sentenced to federal prison after accepting a plea bargain, and Destiny seemed to have gone on with her life.

She was born in Sacramento, California, and now works as an online adult content developer in the same city. Destiny is an animal lover who just lost a cat and then got another. Destiny seems to have reunited with her children based on social media postings.

Destiny Benedict’s Social Media Presence: Does She Have A Twitter Account?

Destiny Benedict is a well-known social media personality who can be found on Twitter with the handle @destinyisabrat.

Destiny is a California native, according to her Twitter page, and she has 1327 followers. She joined the site in 2017 and has been an active user ever since.

She shares memes and gorgeous photographs on her Twitter account. Aside from Twitter, the digital celebrity can also be discovered on Instagram. She has over 16.3K followers on Twitter.

Her Instagram is full of modeling postures and the glamorous lifestyle of a cam model. She must have appreciated her cat’s companionship since the two of them are regularly visible on social media.

Destiny has even promoted the Netflix series and is eager to share her tale with the rest of the world. People all across the world are congratulating Destiny and expressing their sorrow for what she has had to endure.

Destiny Benedict’s Net Worth

Destiny Benedict, a cam model, has not disclosed her net worth to the press.

Destiny is now chasing her ambition in California, according to her social media account. The cam model hopes to make it big in the modeling world.

Destiny promotes many apparel companies on social media and has endorsement initiatives. The model is anticipated to gain international recognition after her involvement in the Netflix series.

Destiny Benedict Wikipedia

Destiny Benedict’s name is not yet featured on Wikipedia’s official site.

Most of her personal information is kept private, and Destiny is open about her desire for solitude. Destiny works as a cam model professionally and is well-known in the digital market.

The 29-year-old first came to public attention when she was a teenager in 2012. Benedict was given a disparaging moniker after appearing in a series of offensive photographs.


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