What Happened To Steve Wallis Wife? Jessica Audrey Wallis Death Cause And Obituary Details

Steven Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber who was born on September 10th, 1981. He is most known for his YouTube videos on camping and outdoor activities.

What Happened to Steve’s Wife?

Owner of the YouTube channel “Camping with Steve” disclosed that he had just returned from a camping excursion in the woods, and the two of them had gone to bed on Saturday.

However, her wife Jessica Audrey Wallis was already dead when he awoke from his slumber on Sunday. She passed away peacefully.

Cause of Steve’s Wife Death!

Steve Wallis, a Canadian camper who runs the YouTube channel Camping with Steve, aired a video on Thursday, August 25, in which he shared the news that his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had passed away. Over 1.2 million people have watched the video Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife so far.

The untimely death of Steve Wallis’ wife is unknown, but the outdoor enthusiast and YouTuber reported that she had died in her sleep.

This suggested that Jess Wallis’ unexpected death might have been brought on by an unidentified complication.

Obituary details of Jessica

Steve Wallis, a 40-year-old prominent Canadian YouTuber, was married to Jessica Audrey Wallis. She periodically made an appearance on Steve’s films and live streams despite working as a teacher in a public school system.

She used to live a secluded life and disliked being filmed, though. Jessica arrived on Steve’s livestream to celebrate reaching one million subscribers, where the two looked incredibly content with each other.


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