Where Are Deborah and Sunil Eappen Now? Parents, Is Still In Jail?

In 1990, Sunil and Deborah got married. They had first met while attending medical school.He is from Chicago, and his father was a paediatrician there as well.He later began working as an anaesthetist in a hospital in Boston.

Deborah Eappen was a working mother who carried on with her part-time job as an ophthalmologist after the birth of her first child.

Where are Deborah and Sunil Eappen now?

Deborah and Sunil established the Matty Eappen Foundation following the tragedy the family experienced. The Boston Children’s Hospital, where Matthew had spent the last few days of his brief life, was the site of the foundation’s establishment.

The foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of child maltreatment, namely the shaken infant syndrome, and to take action to stop it. The medical practises of Dr. Sunil and Dr. Deborah are still active. While Dr. Deborah Eappen practises ophthalmology in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Dr. Sunil Eappen practises anaesthesia in Boston, Massachusetts.

Are Deborah and Sunil parents?

On May 24, 1996, Deborah and Sunil Eappen welcomed a son, Matthew. The arrival of their kid, whom Deborah has referred to as a “genuine butterball,” delighted the two parents.

After finishing medical school, the two of them were living happily in their home in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. They also have a 1994-born older son. Deborah had a job and was a mother. Her line of work put her at the centre of criticism from others who thought she had put her ambition ahead of the needs of her own child.

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Deborah and Sunil Still In Jail?

No they are not in jail following Matthew’s passing, Deborah and Sunil Eappen, a part-time ophthalmologist and anaesthetist, created the Matty Eappen Foundation at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The couple stated in a statement at the time of the organization’s creation: “This foundation was founded in his memory to improve the safety and welfare of children by raising public awareness of the risks associated with shaking a kid and to support victims and their families.”

Following Louise Woodward’s release from prison after serving her reduced sentence for involuntary manslaughter, Deborah and Sunil launched a civil case to stop Louise from making any money off of the sale of her memoir.


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