Who is Adam Neumann? Sister, Wife, Children, Net Worth 2022

Adam Neumann is an Israeli-American businessman and investor ( born April 25, 1979). He and Miguel McKelvey co-founded WeWork in 2010, and he led the company as CEO from that year till 2019. He and his wife, Rebekah Neumann, co-founded 166 2nd Financial Services in 2019 to manage their own wealth, investing over a billion dollars in real estate , venture businesses, and other investments.

Adam Neumann’s Sister

Adi Neumann is well recognised for being the sister of Adam Neumann, the company’s founder. But this remarkable woman, who started sweeping the globe as a youngster, is much more than that.

Adi Neumann represented Israel as Miss Teen, a nod to her upcoming career in modelling. After coming to New York with her brother Adam Neumann in the early 2000s, she eventually made a career as a model.

David, age 4, and Nika, age 6, are the couple’s two kids. Adi is married to Avi Yehiel. It is said that the couple has been married for more than ten years.

About Adam’s Wife

After being fired from WeWork in 2019, ekah and Adam Neumann have stayed together. According to a Vanity Fair piece from 2021, the couple is parents to six kids. Some of Neumann’s kids had once been enrolled in WeGrow.

Adam Neumann’s Children

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the couple has six children, including two sets of twins. Elle, their first child, was born in 2011; in 2022, she will be 11 years old.

WeGrow, a private school in Manhattan run by Rebekah, was a member of the WeWork network. According to Forbes, the 44-year-old started a curriculum based on the “six pillars of growth” when she was unable to find a school that satisfied her. The curriculum emphasised educating kids how to be entrepreneurs while also incorporating mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation.

The cost of attending the institution, however, was high. The cost of tuition varied from $22,000 to $24,000. Adam Neumann decided he wanted to get away from the “bad energy” surrounding his company’s downfall, according to the New York Post, and the Neumann children attended WeGrow until the family moved out of New York City.

According to the tabloid, the family has been travelling with staff members like nannies and security since 2019 to South America and Adam’s home nation of Israel on a chartered private jet.

Before returning to New York in 2020 and settling at an estate in Amagansett adjacent to Rebekah’s cousin Gwyneth Paltrow, the kids spent some time attending a Tel Aviv school.

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Net Worth of Adam till 2022

Adam Neumann is a businessman and investor with an estimated $3 billion in wealth. Adam Neumann is a well-known and accomplished individual.


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