Who is Balsam Hussein? Everything To Know About Miss Iraq 2022

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Balsam Hussein
Balsam Hussein

Balsam Hussein was elected Miss Iraq 2022 on July 28, 2022, and she will represent Iraq in Miss World 2022. Miss Iraq revealed that the government has given them permission to choose their representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World.

It’s possible that Balsam Hussein will enter both pageants. Miss Iraq 2021, on the other hand, has only participated in the most recent Miss World competition, and it has not been established whether they have a license for Miss Universe. So that remains to be seen. Alsumaria TV employs Balsam Hussein as a TV presenter.

Who is Balsam Hussein?

Balsam Hussein is a model and a TV news presenter. Hussein is from Karkh, a neighborhood in Baghdad, Iraq, where she was born and reared. He works as a television host for Alsumaria TV.

Alsumaria News, an independent Iraqi satellite TV network, broadcasts from Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. She is the host of a morning news show.

The Miss Iraq beauty contest was founded in 1947. The first Miss Iraq was Renee Dangour, an Iranian Jew. She was born into a famous Baghdadi Jewish family. For business reasons, her family briefly relocated to Shanghai, where she was born. When she was a little kid, her family returned to Baghdad. Her father is a well-known Baghdad physician.

There are seven Miss Iraqs following her; Balsam is the eighth Miss Iraq after Renee. Maria Farhad was crowned in 2021 and also participated in the Miss World pageant. On the internet, there is little information on Balsam Hussien. Many people were curious about her after she was crowned Miss Iraq.

Balsam Hussein Wiki, Bio

Real Name:Balsam Hussein
Age:19 Years
Year Of Birth2003
AwardsMiss Iraq 2021

Balsam is a 19-year-old hair transplant expert and presenter. She was born in 2003, although the precise date is no longer known.

Hussein’s Wikipedia page is likewise offline, however, she does have an active Instagram account. She often includes photographs of herself. This 19-year-old model is widely used in Iraq.

She now has around 80k followers and follows 200 individuals. Her Instagram account has approximately 100 posts. The majority of her postings are from her photoshoot, and others are from her personal life. She is also well-known for her morning program. On Instagram, she is known as @balsam Hussein.

Balsam Hussein Parents, Family

Balsam is extremely quiet about her family; she hasn’t posted anything about them on Instagram. Her marital status is likewise unclear. There are presently no interviews with her, but after winning this important title, we may anticipate a few interviews with her and a chance to learn more about this stunning Iranian model.

On July 28, 2022, she competed in the Miss Iraq 2022 pageant in Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, among 19 other participants. She received the honor. Hussein was the representative for the Baghdad area.

Balsam declared her intention to promote media in Iraq during this beauty competition.

In the finals, Maria Farhad crowned Balsam Hussein.

Balsam Hussein As Miss Iraq 2021

The Miss Iraq Finale was held in Kurdistan Region on July 28, 2022.

Twenty candidates battled to win one of Iraq’s most famous beauty pageant championships. Balsam Hussein was crowned Miss Iraq, representing the Karkh area of Baghdad. Hussein’s participation in Miss World and Miss Universe is unknown.


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