Who is Casey Parnell Du Quoin IL? What Exactly Happened in the Murder of Child Lynn Casey?

Read in detail about Who is Casey Parnell Du Quoin IL? What Exactly Happened in the Murder of Child Lynn Casey?

casey parnell du quoin illinois
casey parnell du quoin illinois

Casey Parnell of Du Quoin, Illinois, gave birth to a baby at a crack party and threw it away on January 22, 2011.

Casey Parnell received a three-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter and concealment of a homicidal killing.

She was also sentenced to one year of obligatory supervised release as well as alcohol and drug counseling.

Who Is Casey Parnell Du Quoin IL on TikTok?

Casey Parnell of Du Quoin, Illinois, is trending on TikTok after placing her newborn baby, Gabriel, in a trash bag after giving birth to him in January 2011.

Casey admitted in her plea in 2013 that she gave birth to her kid in a toilet at a crack cocaine party and feared it was dead.

The baby was pulled from the water, and Casey did not attempt to save the child or seek medical attention, which resulted in the baby’s death.

According to a forensic pathologist, the youngster died of hypoxia-asphyxiation after being wrapped in a towel and placed in a trash bag.

Her careless behavior killed the baby accidentally. She waited six hours after suffocating her infant before contacting law enforcement.

She finally called the cops after her roommate threatened to phone them if Parnell didn’t.

What Exactly Happened in the Child Murder of Lynn Casey?

Lynn Casey Parnell was charged with her child’s murder. Casey admitted to wrapping up her new baby and putting it in the trash.

Lynn, 25, gave birth in a bathroom after attending a party at the Carbondale residence in January 2011.

As she pulled her child from the water, she was high on drugs and assumed he was dead.

Casey became holy, refusing to contact authorities or seek aid for herself or her child until it was too late.

She covered her infant in a towel and placed it in a rubbish bag, assuming it was dead.

She attempted to cover up the death of her newborn kid but was caught. She was then imprisoned for three years for manslaughter with no bond reduction request.

Casey Parnell’s Husband And Family

Many people were curious about Casey Parnell’s husband and family after she became famous for the involuntary murder of her child.

Casey may or may not have been married, as nothing is known about her personal life.

Her family facts are likewise vague because little information is available following the occurrence.

Casey does not seem to be on any social platforms either or may have deactivated her personal accounts amid the charges.

There has also been no word on what happened to her after she served three years in prison or where she is now.


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