Who is Colleen Weaver Raynham MA Missing? Latest Update, Found, Dead?

16-year-old Raynham resident COLLEEN WEAVER, who was last seen at one in the morning on Tuesday, October 18, is thought to have left home at that time. A family member from the vicinity of Orchard and King Streets reported her missing.

She is reported as having red or pink hair, being 5 feet tall, and weighing around 120 pounds. She may be wearing spectacles, but it is unclear what she is wearing.

Residents in the Orchard/King Street area are being urged by Raynham Police to examine any security camera footage they may have from their homes or places of business. Raynham Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have footage of Colleen to get in touch with them.

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Anyone who sees Colleen or knows where she could be is urged to call the Raynham Police Department at 508-824-2717 right away.


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