Who is Jamie Kah Partner? Fiance, Engaged?

Jamie Kah works with Clayton Douglas as a business partner. Like his pal Jamie, Clayton is a professional jockey.They work together as partners in both their personal and professional life. Soon after, Jamie and her partner Clayton are seen taking part in a number of races with significant financial payouts.

They do possess a farm on the Mornington Peninsula where they train their retired horses, but nothing is known about their relationship, including how long they have been together.

According to the Herald Sun, Ms. Kah and Mr. Douglas have apparently been living separately lately while they work through their relationship issues.

How old is Jamie Kah?

She is currently 25 years old (born on 7 December 1995). However, neither he nor his partner have made public or media his precise birthdate.

Therefore, we are unsure of the date of his birthday celebration with his friends and family. The age difference between Jamie Kah and her partner Clayton Douglas is one year.

Net Worth

As of July 1, 2019, the Jockey Race Riding Fee is $225 including GST. 9.5 percent of the jockey race riding fee goes into superannuation. As of July 1, 2019, the barrier trial riding fee is $71.75 including GST.

Her estimated current net worth in 2021, which was most recently updated in August 2021, is $2.5 million.


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