Who Is Jen McAfee? What Happened, Age, Wiki-Bio, Where Is She Now?

John McAfee, a pioneer in the field of antivirus software development, is the father of Jen McAfee.

What Happened ?

After John’s wife appealed the Spanish court decision, Jen became well-known. On June 23, John’s body was found in Barcelona’s Center Penitenciari Brians 2.

His widow, Janice McAfee, filed an appeal to the court for the results of the initial autopsy report on McAfee’s death seven months after his passing in February 2022. He was discovered hanging inside the prison.

It is unclear when the court will rule on McAfee’s daughter’s appeal, according to Joy Athanasiou, an attorney for the daughter.

Age of Jen McAfee?

There is no proper or confirmed information about age of Jen McAfee but in a interview it was mentioned that all the children were between 16 to 47 years.

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Jen McAfee Wiki-bio

There is no specific information about Jen available on the web like her biography or something like that.But you don’t worry we’ll provide any other information we get as soon as possible.

Where is she now?

There is no information available about Jen McAfee; hence it is uncertain to tell where she is now.


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