Who Is Leylah Fernandez’s Sister Jodeci Malixi Fernandez? Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

The senior sister of Leyla Annie Fernandez, Jodeci Malexi Fernandez, is a skilled dentist.She graduated from dental school in 2017 and works as an employee of Highland Dental Center.Dr. Jodeci Malexi Fernandez DMD devotes a lot of effort to dental crowns and fixes. Additionally, the Middletown, Ohio, dentist also addresses bleeding gums, bad breath, and teeth that are packed with pus.

Jodeci Malixi Fernandez’s Age

Mid-20s is Jodeci Malixi Fernandez’s age.Though her date of birth hasn’t been made public yet, the age indicated depends on how others perceive her appearance.

While everything is going on, Leylah, her sister, celebrated her nineteenth birthday on September 6 and is currently in the final stages of adolescence.The youngest Hernandez sister is currently thought to be in her mid-teens.

Jodeci Malixi’s Parents

Her parents, Jorge, a former soccer player, and an unidentified mother, gave birth to her in Mississauga, Ontario.Her mom is a Canadian citizen of Filipino descent, while her dad is from Ecuador.

Jodeci Malixi’s Net Worth

No information is available about Net Worth of Malixi on the web. Stay tuned on the site we’ll update you when any info gets confirmed related to total wealth of Jodeci.

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Jodeci Malixi’s Wiki Bio

Canadian-born dentist Jodeci Malixi Hernandez is currently employed in Ohio, USA.Her parents, Jorge, a former soccer player, and an unidentified woman, gave birth to her in Mississauga, Ontario.Her mother is a Canadian citizen of Filipino origin, while her father is from Ecuador.Malixi is thought to have attended Macdonald High School and graduated from McGill University’s dental programme.She is trilingual because she is a native speaker of English, French, and Spanish.

Jacques, Jodeci Malixi’s fiance, has proposed to her.Along with the pair, Saber is a chatty Siamese cat.The couple enjoys spending time together and travelling together in their own time.Both the engagement ceremony and the wedding ceremony’s specifics have not yet been made public by Jodeci and Jacques.


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